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Достижение пики арака – Пики Арака — Достижение — World of Warcraft

Пики Арака — Достижение — World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Draewind

Lost Veil Anzu = to

The easiest way to get «Lost Veil Anzu» is the way I always do when leveling. In Долина Призрачной Луны, Forgotten Shore (35.0, 73.6)… southern edge where Посох Ору’кая is located (see map on that page)… you will see lots of balls around npcs. Head west and hit the water, hugging the coastline while traveling west through the water. You will almost immediately be in the Spires of Arak, Echidna Shelf. Just keep going … maybe a 100yds and you are there.

Комментарий от siddha77

Seems like Windswept Terrace is not accessible (it is — see comments) until you start questing in Spires and whole Дренор is being hold hostage by this one location from being achieved early.

Seems like Ка’алу can take you to Windswept Terrace, but she is not visible at her location before you push story forward.

Комментарий от Feranough

For those who don’t use coordinates:
Lost Veil Anzu is found on the east side of the map, against Shadowmoon Valley.
It’s beyond the mountains to the right of Sethekk Hollow.

Комментарий от Yaoqin

Lost Veil Anzu is located at 74.00, 38.00. To get there take the flight path to Akeeta’s Hovel, and travel south. There is a level 100 area, so be careful if you are still low yourself.

Комментарий от Angelhearth

Lost Veil Anzu
Get to the mouth of the river between Shadowmoon Valley and Spires of Arak (73/50), that’s where it is, the mouth of the river until you reach the cave at the end (haven’t been inside). DO NOT go through the lvl 100 area unless you are geared for it! Those level 100’s hit like hell (in beta we got 684 armor for free from a giant in SW, so I never noticed how hard those guys hit before hehe).

Комментарий от Salewow

Where is Windswept Terrace ? Help pls.

Комментарий от eirykalv


This is where I got credit for Lost Veil Anzu. Simply fly to Talon Watch and travel East-Southeast through Sethekk Hollow.

Комментарий от RaynesZen

for Windswept Terrace 47.48 , 52.29 worked great for me

Комментарий от keb5709

Where is Ravenskar?

Комментарий от LLouG

Windswept Terrace location

Комментарий от JonGhost52

Don’t bother looking for the Windswept Terrace, the quest On Ebon Wings will take you there.

Комментарий от scourge2

Ravenskar is located just west of Veil Zekk. The coordinates are 55,55.

Комментарий от Henderman

Writhing Mire: On the coast due west of Axefall. Just ride west from the Axefall FP.

Комментарий от Shelinda

I had troubles finding Windswept Terrace (47, 52), but I read some comment here saying it was up on the mountain and hard to reach. Decided to try Aviana’s Feather and that did the trick for me!

Комментарий от Pastelgore

You can also find a smooth hillside to ride up and get the credits (won’t see a thing of the place, though):


Комментарий от RufusHonkerIV

Veil Zekk came up as «Forlorn Delta» on my minimap.

Комментарий от Vomitcomet

Here’s a list of Tomtom waypoints for the exploration achievement as I found them using only a ground mount.

They’re spaced out so you can copy one section and use the regular WoW macro creator or copy them all and use the add-on Paste.

These are set in no particular order, you can adjust Tomtom to automatically set the next closest waypoint to minimize backtracking.

/way Spires of Arak 50.9 12.6 Skettis

/way Spires of Arak 36.5 44.4 The Writhing Mire
/way Spires of Arak 57.9 55.2 Veil Zekk
/way Spires of Arak 41.6 58.8 Southport
/way Spires of Arak 50.5 46.9 Terrace of Dawn
/way Spires of Arak 30.9 29.1 Bladefist Hold

/way Spires of Arak 72.2 40.3 Lost Veil Anzu
/way Spires of Arak 53.8 51.3 Ravenskar
/way Spires of Arak 41.3 45.9 Axefall
/way Spires of Arak 61.6 24.6 Howling Crag
/way Spires of Arak 56.5 86.4 Pinchwhistle Point
/way Spires of Arak 44.8 24.1 Veil Akraz

/way Spires of Arak 47.4 52.6 Windswept Terrace
/way Spires of Arak 60.8 45.1 Sethekk Hollow
/way Spires of Arak 39.9 49.6 Admiral Taylor’s Garrison
/way Spires of Arak 61 70.3 Pinchwhistle Gearworks
/way Spires of Arak 49 55.6 Bloodmane Valley

If you find this helpful please upvote, thanks!

Edit: changed zone specifics for Tomtom update

Комментарий от Redraveyn

Now where is Windswept Terrace? I couldnt find it with the little information posted. It seems alot of people use the coordinates which is cool but I dont want addons. I would appreciate if you are going to post anyway could you give some detail such as directions from a FM or use directions from a distinct landmark. Thank you that would be helpful. an no i cant wait for the quest because my questline stopped but thats a whole other story! thanks

Комментарий от bigworm2

After riding the long way around through Skettis to get credit for The Howling Crag I rode up around a mountain (where the «O» is in Howling on the map) to pick up the statue of anzu and was perplexed that I wasn’t getting credit for the area, then discovered that to get just take the taxi to Akeeta’s Hovel and go across the bridge. Could’ve saved myself some time, but I picked up a goodie for all the time spent 🙂

Комментарий от Skaturas

Deleted due to useless hatred

Комментарий от 1bigbob2

can’t find windswept terrace need help

Комментарий от Pixiwix

For anyone having problems finding Windswept Terrace, there is an incline up a mountain at 46.3, 58.9 (just behind a giant tree). It doesn’t go all the way up TO Windswept Terrace but it gets you close enough to ping for the achievement. (I walked around for 2 hours and couldn’t find the way up; then, in the process of being lost, this worked — and that was good enough for me!)

Комментарий от Axebeard

Windswept Terrace is the tall, narrow mountain south of Vesharr the master pet tamer, with a Skyreach-style platform at its peak. You’ll unlock it as an explored location eventually by going through the zone’s story, but you can sometimes get the credit early by humping its base.

Комментарий от Heavyoak

the in game ach list says that I should have gotten a treasure map when I finished exploring, but not how I get it. any clues?

Комментарий от Orcenstien

OK, so where exactly is the Windswept Terrace in Spires of Arak ? (Draenor) It’s the only place I have left to find and I cannot find it. GGGRRR .. Please help !


Пики Арака — Игровая зона

Комментарий от ualde

Координаты полезных точек в локации.

Используйте аддон «TomTom» для прокладки маршрутов.

Редкие монстры

/way 52 35.6 Темноствол
/way 46.8 23 Танцующий с клинками Эйрикс
/way 36.2 52.6 Наз Данберлин
/way 51.8 7.2 Солнечный усилитель
/way 54 88.5 Мутафен

/way 57.4 74 Тесска Надрыв
/way 33.4 22 Каменнозлоб
/way 46.4 28.6 Буркат Стальная Пасть
/way 62.8 37.6 Калос Обагренный
/way 68.8 48.6 Сангрикасс
/way 54.6 63.2 Когтелом
/way 59.4 37.4 Главный отравитель Бортуск
/way 65 66 Яркосветик
/way 65.4 54.6 Оскиира Дух Мщения
/way 58.4 84.2 Бетси Коробах
/way 54.8 39.6 Festerbloom
/way 58.6 45.2 Жалокол
/way 56.6 94.6 Джиасска, Пожирательница спор
/way 38.4 27.8 Гнилошляп
/way 52.7 54.9 Роелист
/way 59.2 15 Отшельник Белошкур
/way 25.2 24.2 Злобовзор
/way 74.4 42.8 Прожорливый великан
/way 71.2 33.8 Темный исполин


/way 53.1 84.5 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 55.5 90.8 Campaign Contributions
/way 59.1 90.6 Sailor Zazzuk’s 180-Proof Rum
/way 68.4 89 Coinbender’s Payment
/way 60.9 84.6 Shredder Parts

/way 59.7 81.3 Spray-O-Matic 5000 XT
/way 58.7 60.4 Ogron Plunder
/way 61 63.9 Offering to the Raven Mother
/way 63.6 67.4 Mysterious Mushrooms
/way 66.5 56.5 Waterlogged Satchel
/way 71.6 48.5 Sethekk Ritual Brew
/way 69.2 43.3 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 51.9 64.6 Offering to the Raven Mother
/way 48.9 62.5 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 53.3 55.6 Offering to the Raven Mother
/way 48.9 54.7 Offering to the Raven Mother
/way 48.3 52.6 Offering to the Raven Mother
/way 37.7 56.4 An Old Key
/way 40.6 55 Abandoned Mining Pick
/way 41.9 50.4 Garrison Workman’s Hammer
/way 37.3 50.7 Rooby’s Roo
/way 37.2 47.5 Ресурсы гарнизона
/way 36.3 39.4 Orcish Signaling Horn
/way 34.1 27.5 Sun-Touched Cache
/way 36.8 17.2 Outcast’s Belongings
/way 42.9 15 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 42.1 21.7 Outcast’s Belongings
/way 43.8 24.7 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 54.3 32.5 Toxicfang Venom
/way 56.2 28.8 Shattered Hand Cache
/way 55.6 22.1 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 49.2 37.3 Assassin’s Spear
/way 47.8 36.1 Lost Ring
/way 46.9 34 Outcast’s Pouch
/way 47.9 30.7 Shattered Hand Lockbox
/way 50.7 28.7 Lost Herb Satchel
/way 50.4 25.8 Iron Horde Explosives
/way 50.5 22.1 Fractured Sunstone

Апекситовый кристалл

/way 71.2 33.8 Темный исполин (Апекситовый кристалл)

Ресурсы гарнизона

/way 68.4 89 Coinbender’s Payment
/way 60.9 84.6 Части крошшера
/way 59.7 81.3 Spray-O-Matic 5000 XT
/way 37.2 47.5 Припасы для гарнизона
/way 34.1 27.5 Sun-Touched Cache
/way 56.2 28.8 Shattered Hand Cache

Эликсир сумеречного зрения — Используйте святилища Террока

/way 53.1 84.5 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 69.2 43.3 Эликсир сумеречного зрения

/way 48.9 62.5 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 42.9 15 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 43.8 24.7 Эликсир сумеречного зрения
/way 55.6 22.1 Эликсир сумеречного зрения

p.s. на данный момент переводы есть не все, ждем обновления вовхеда 🙂

Комментарий от Grozard

«Первоначально, я думал, что Пики Арака должны быть похожими на общество, основанное на базе месопотамской культуры , но, на самом деле, Арак больше похож на древние индуистские общества, которые состоят из веры в Чакру, многобожия и культа Бога, почитания Солнца и кастовой системы.»

Комментарий от Mesyac

Описание с официального сайта:

Для любого путешественника, имеющего две ноги, Арак выглядит как заболоченный осенний лес, кривые стволы и кроны которого устремляются высоко в небо. Но если подняться над верхушками деревьев, откроется удивительный вид на невероятно высокие и крутые скальные пики. Подобно древним богам, араккоа следят за происходящим свысока, охраняют свой дом и высказывают почтение солнцу, сжигая заживо представителей «низших рас».

В локации находятся подземелья Верхняя часть пика Черной горы и Небесный Путь, а так же ворлд Босс Рухмар.


Аракская звезда — Достижение — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Jaxor

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me,
I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
She was lookin’ kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb,
in the shape of an «L» on her forehead.

Well, the years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’,
back to the rules so I hit the ground runnin’,
didn’t make sense just to live for fun,
your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb,
So much to do so much to see,
so what’s wrong with taking the backstreets,

You’ll never know if ya don’t go,
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow.

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play!
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star, get the show on, get paid!
All that glitters is gold,
Only shootin’ stars break the mold!

It’s a cool place, and they say it gets colder,
You’re bundled up now, wait till ya get older.
But the media men beg to differ,
Judging by the hole in the satellite picture.

The ice we skate is gettin’ pretty thin,
the water’s gettin’ warm so ya might as well swim.
My world’s on fire, how ’bout yours,
That’s the way I like it ’cause I never get bored.

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play!
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star , get the show on, get paid!
All that glitters is gold!
Only shootin’ stars break the mold!

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play!
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star , get the show on, get paid!
All that glitters is gold!
Only shootin’ stars

Somebody once asked could you spare some change for gas
I need to get myself away from this place
I said yep what a concept
I could use a little fuel myself
And we could all use a little change

Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn’t make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play!
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star , get the show on, get paid!
All that glitters is gold!
Only shootin’ stars break the mold!

Комментарий от Inpotty

Arak Star = A rock star for those who didn’t get it.

Комментарий от kahleira

The Howling Crag does not show on the map (it didn’t for me).

Just go to:
/way Spires of Arak 64.8 24.1

quest will appear.


Между Араком и наковальней — Достижение


Комментарий от Zachs

This achievement’s name is a reference to an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, specifically this: http://youtu.be/3CoIgQ4ZeKc

Комментарий от SoCalWoWGal

This could be a reference to a line from the Justin Timberlake song — «Rock Your Body» from his debut solo album «Justified»:

The lyric:
«Just let me rock you
til the break of day»

See a video with Lyrics

At least that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this particular achievement.

Комментарий от AVAVT

If you are having trouble doing the «Establishing Axefall» part of this achievement, there is a chance you haven’t done the quest Peace Offering. This quest start a short quest chain needed to complete this part of the achievement, and it doesn’t show up as a quest in progress on my quest map even when I’m in Spires of Arak, so it’s very easy to overlook.

Комментарий от catrina

I finished this achievement, yet I didn’t get the follower. Is it bugged?

Комментарий от danteafk

I got the achievement but I am missing ‘the gods of arak’


Комментарий от DeLue

Upon completion of this Achievement, you can recruit the follower Talonpriest Ishaal.

Once you gain the achievement, you will find him in Veil Terokk at (45,47). He will give the quest Talonpriest Ishaal, which awards the follower upon completion.

Комментарий от Jenjen110

I missed Дефицит ос.
Once I finished that one it sent me to axefall where I started a quest line to Mixxy for :
Самые выгодные цены!
Грязное дело
Природное топливо
and finally
Эбеновый охотник.

Комментарий от Longeria

Somehow I have seen the progress «The Gods of Arak» but I notice that it was not marked in the quest chain list. Somehow I think.. hee it is a bug, it will show up later. Well I have done all quests so far I believe…

Комментарий от Jessi330

To complete -Establishing Axefall for Between Arak and A Hard Place,
there are 2 possible quest lines.

Smuggling Run — Best Deals Anywhere.

if you chose the Brewery, you must start with Attempted Murder.

Комментарий от borek921

Is it wrong that for an Orc, Horde, Warlords ‘n stuff focused expansion I got involved the most with the alienated from the main storyline and so out of place Spires of Arak storyline? I dunno the whole Durotan storyline and the finale with Garrosh was kinda whatever for me. But when I was questing in Spires I felt so hooked.

Комментарий от Ullanna

So I was having trouble getting this achievement and had completed every quest in the zone but it wouldn’t give it to me. Then I upgrades my garrison to lvl 3 and boom got the achievement. I’m not complaining but has anyone else had that happen?

Комментарий от Herunmir

I had a garrison lvl 3 and a Smuggling Run on Spires. I did all the quests, searched all map looking for what I had miss for the «establishing axefall»…

When I finally search the support they gave me the lame «keep looking response» and the achiev just popped…

Ill take that as «yes, its bugged, sry pal».

Комментарий от iammrpogi

I’m currently missing Establishing Axefall and Gods of Arak.

This must be a bug because:

1.) Regarding Gods of Arak, Anzu (both, located at Veiled Terokk and near Talon Watch) is not offering the quest for the chain.

2.) Regarding Establishing Axefall, tried Мирное подношение but I can’t locate Поставщик Галгар, tried Эбеновый охотник and working my way back but all quest aren’t being offered.

Submitted an in-game ticket and GM told me to go to wowhead. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a valued customer.

Комментарий от iammrpogi

I’m currently missing Establishing Axefall and Gods of Arak.

This must be a bug because:

1.) Regarding Gods of Arak, Anzu (both, located at Veiled Terokk and near Talon Watch) is not offering the quest for the chain.

2.) Regarding Establishing Axefall, tried Мирное подношение but I can’t locate Поставщик Галгар, tried Эбеновый охотник and working my way back but all quest aren’t being offered.

Submitted an in-game ticket and GM told me to go to wowhead. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a valued customer.

Комментарий от PlayDohBoy

Thank you for reaching out to us about the achievement «Between Arak and a Hard Place». I’m sorry to inform you that there is currently a bug where the criteria to earn this achievement will not get flagged correctly. Normally you should just need to do one of the quest lines but at this time the achievement wants you to do both before completing.

The bad news is that we don’t have a way to directly fix this for you since the achievement won’t stick even if we grant it. When bugs like this rear their ugly heads we have to let the developers do their thing before we’re allowed to do ours. I would like to point you to a thread on the bug report forums regarding this achievement which you can add your voice to:


It would also be super helpful if you took a few moments to report this bug yourself using the in game bug report feature. This way we can get some more attention on this bug, the more reports we get the better the chances it will be looked at soon. For more information about how to report bugs for our games, check out this link:


Thanks for taking the time to contact us! I hope you feel this issue has been resolved; if so please mark this ticket as such. If you still need help, feel free to select «I Still Have a Problem» instead. It’s my pleasure to assist you with anything I can! 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Good luck have fun~ 😀

This is the post I just got from a GM. So basically we are SOL until enough people complain about it.

Комментарий от latopla

Finished The Ebon Hunter and the rest of the achievement. Establishing Axefall won’t complete and Talonpriest Ishaal has nothing for me to make him a follower.

Комментарий от Chappie


Reference: Documentary Between Iraq and a hard place http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0773271/

«Our US troops come home from war and take off their uniforms and blend into society. But the war hasn’t ended for them. How can we help them transition? Learn what they think, feel and experience during war through interviews backed up with their personal video footage shot in Iraq. If we understand what our troops really think and feel, we can better help them.»

Комментарий от AlexxiaGurubashi

I just submitted a ticket. I have completed every quest in the zone, and followed every lead here on this thread and still nothing… Will update when I receive a response from GM. So frustrating. If it’s bugged, how do some people have it, yet others do not?

Комментарий от Mokken

I have done this questline on several of my other chars,without problems.But on my Pala im stucked with Establishing Axefall and The Gods Of Arak. Even though I’ve done all the same quests as on my other chars. I submitted a ticket and still waiting for answer.Hopefully it will be fixed, cause i really want that follower 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

Комментарий от Razzleberrie

I was stuck on Establishing Axefall despite having done the quests mentioned in this comment thread.

There were rolling restarts this morning, and when I logged in the achievement popped up complete for me.

Комментарий от g4m3rgur1

I was having the same issue a lot of you have with the achievement being bugged. I submitted a ticket and was giving the same scripted response saying there was nothing they could do for now. However upon logging in today, I was automatically granted the achievement and was able to go to Spires of Arakk (46.5, 46.8) and gain Talonpriest Ishaal as a follower.

Комментарий от Paddyjack

I was having the same problem as many mentioned, i.e. the establishing Axefall was not showing up. I had all the quest lines requested. So I came to realize that my Axefall outpost was a trading post, but I had no trading posts in my Garrison. So I took a leap of faith and switched my Barn for a Trading post… et voila, 9/9 in Arak.

Try it maybe it will help

Комментарий от akasachmo

There was a bug that wouldn’t let you get past 7/9 in the story. The achievement was requiring you to complete the smuggler’s den so if you opted for the other you were stuck. I put a ticket in as well as a bug report and it was fixed. I dont know if its retroactive and its all fixed now but that was my issue.

Комментарий от kungandreas

For the people having problem with the alliance version of the achievement:

I just came here to let you know that I also had this problem with not getting credit for Securing Southport and not beeing able to get my hands on the follower Гульда Теневой Клинок / Темный следопыт Велонара.

I posted a ticket and got response from a GM that there still was a quest-chain not completed even though no quests were to be found in Southport.

The GM directed me to the quest Не здесь и не сейчас that starts a bit north east of Southport from Темный ведун Ириззар. It’s easy to overlook if you do not complete the quests in this zone in the order they were meant to like I did.

After completing that quest chain I got credit for Securing Southport, got the achievement and my new follower rolled epic!

Комментарий от mrgrimm25

This quest is extremely bugged. I completed it perfectly fine on one character, however, on my alt I had to do every quest line in spires of arak (even the random goblin ones around veil zekk) and suddenly, the achievement popped on my alt. If it seems like you aren’t getting it, just keep doing quests until it pops.

Комментарий от thessalyh

I’m stuck on the Establishing Axefall portion, but in a different way. Grail and icy-veins both say I need to complete «Not Here, Not Now», but I’ve already long since done all those parts, and neither of those NPCs involved in the quest have anything left to say to me. I’ve submitted a ticket but I’m not that hopeful.

EDIT: Here’s what fixed it for me—I hadn’t done the Pinchwhistle storyline. Even though I hadn’t seen this mentioned anywhere, apparently Establishing Axefall is dependent on the Pinchwhistle storyline. As soon as I received that sub-achievement, it also triggered the conclusion of Establishing Axefall AND «Arak and a Hard Place». If you haven’t gotten in the rickety Fantasy Island-esque plane and flown yet, you’re not done with all the quests you need for ESTABLISHING AXEFALL.

Комментарий от Dbase

I got credit for «Establishing Axefall» the moment I completed «Terokk’s Legend» (thus completing «Between Arak and a Hard Place»).
On that character, I had selected the Inn/Brewery.
If stuck, try completing the other story chapters, before stressing over Axefall not flagging.

Комментарий от Peter4730

29 June 2015. UPDATE FOR PATCH 6.2.0 The Achievement «Between Arak and a Hard Place» has changed . Instead of «Establishing Axefall», you now get «Securing Southport» instead, as one of the modules. ALSO, the main comment says you might need to do Quest «Peace Offering» to get «Est Axefall». Well, the «supposed» giver of that quest ain’t when he is meant to be. (ALSO, stay the FERK away from Axefall anyway cos they is ALL bad-asres in there.) Meanwhile, I am still wondering if this achievement will ever lead me to getting Talonpriest Ishaal as a follower, which is why I have been doing this Arak stuff anyway !
(Later) YES …… Talonpriest Ishaal was waiting for me at Veil Terrokk. One click, and he joined me as a follower.

Комментарий от Tryaa

I have «Establishing Axefall» achievement; all am missing is «The Gods of Arak» and «When the Raven Swallows the Day».
I can’t find the info I need to complete this achievement. I cannot find what prerequisites I need to do the qualifying quests. There is a TON of info for ALLIANCE but nothing of use to me for Horde. I can see what quests I have and have not completed in Spires of Arak, but many of the incomplete quests have prerequisites that do not seem to be mentioned anywhere. I really need help on this.

Комментарий от hannibalektr

Looking for Ariok the follower? READ THIS!

In the PTR there use to be 2 Achievements named almost the same thing… «Between Arok and a Hardplace» and «Between Ariok and a Hardplace». «Between Arok and a Hardplace» is still valid and helps you get Talonpriest Ishaal for a follower.

«Between Ariok and a Hardplace» was the name of the achievement to get Ariok as a follower.
The Achievement name has been changed. It is now «A Race Against Slime».

Pretty lame that they left this misprint in your garrison follower placeholder for Ariok only to waste our time searching for the wrong damn thing. Really makes me mad. Whoever is responsible for this at Bliz needs to lay off smoking so much weed and do their damn job.

A Race Against time achievement can be done in your raid finder under Halls of Blood

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Do I have to complete «Victory is within reach» to complete this chiev?

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I was stuck for quite some time without any quests here and no breadcrumbs to lead to the next one area. Had completed all the achievements except The Gods of Arak and When the Raven Swallows the Day. Finally found Anzu, in one of his many locations in the zone, with two new quests. If anyone is stuck like I was, check for Anzu at Talon Altar around 66.8, 51.7 just south of Sethekk Hollow.

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This is my first long post on this site, so bear with me.
For Horde Loremaster:

News from Spires of Arak (Didn’t do)
Arrakoa Exodus (Didn’t do)
The Shadows of Skettis (Starts in the north, marked on map by (!))
Hidden in Plain Sight/Adherents of the Sun God
Orders from on High
The Crone
A Charming Deception/Echo Hunters/All Due Respect/Syth’s Secret
A Gathering of Shadows
What’s Theirs is Ours (From Shadow Hunter Ukambe after you choose)
I see Dead People
A Parting Favor
A Piece of the Puzzle
Second in Command
Punishable by Death/Prime the Cannons
Admiral Taylor
Surviving in a Savage Land
For Old Time’s Sake(Complete for a follower, Alliance only)
One of Our Own
Inspecting the Troops
Orders, Commander?
*Choose Trading Post/Inn*
Peace Offering
A Lack of Wasps
Not Here, Not Now
If Inn: (I didn’t do these quests but pulled from wowpedia)
Attempted Murder
Assassin’s Mark
The Power of Poison/Extrinsic Motivation
Gardul Venomshiv
We Have Him Now
No Time to Waste
If Trading Post: (I did do these quests)
Best Deals Anywhere
Sticky Situation/Safety Measures
Back on Track
All Natural/I see Dead Arakkoa
The Ebon Hunter
Return to Veil Terrok (From Percy after you choose, unlocks Talon Watch and The Kaliri Whisperer)
Last of the Talonpriests
Ishaal’s Orb
Behind the Veil
Blades in the Dark/A Feast of Shadows
Back from Beyond
Power Unearthed (From Darkscryer Raastok after returning in Back from Beyond)
Hardly Working/Legacy of the Apexis/Sol Sisters
Shot-Caller(from Inactive Apexis Destroyer near one of the sisters)
Hot Seat
Control is King
Talon Watch (From Reshad after turning in Return to Veil Terokk)
Banished From the Sky
Gaze of the Raven God/Sons of Sethe
Servants of a Dead God/Ritual Severance/The False Talon King
Lithic’s Gift/Sethe, the Dead God
A Sentimental Relic
Cult of the Ravenspeakers (From Anzu after completing The Gods of Arak chapter)
To the…Rescue?
The High Ravenspeaker
Rendezvous with the Ritualists
The Bloodmane/Words of the Raven Mother
Ralshiara’s Demise/Declawing the Bloodmane/The Egg Thieves
The Initiate’s Revenge
Call of the Raven Mother
On Ebon Wings
When All is Aligned
Talonpriest Ishaal (Complete for a follower)
The Kaliri Whisperer(From Reshad after turning in Return to Veil Terokk)
Optional side-chain for Arakkoa Outcasts rep and Ikky: Ikky’s Egg > Baby Bird
Rites of the Talonpriests
The Talon King
The Missing Piece (Doesn’t open up until A Sentimental Relic is turned in for The Gods of Arak)
Terokk’s Fall
A Worthy Vessel
The Avatar of Terokk
Pinchwhistle Gearworks (Optional breadcrumb from Garrison)
Defungination/ Spore-Be-Gone/Unwanted Pests
The Mother Lode
Getting the Crew Back Together/Clearing Out Before Cleaning Up
Follow that Hotrod!
The Right Partss for the Job/Skimming Off the Top/Field Trial
Sporicide/Preventing the Worst/Curing With Force
Flame On
Kimzee Pinchwhistle (Complete for a follower)

If this guide helped you in any way, please upvote it, if there is any criticism, please leave it in a reply for me to see and I will do my best to update.

I personally did these quests the other day while finishing my Pathfinder and decided to make a guide while I did so, since I don’t see one posted on this page. I used the wowpedia Spires of Arak Storyline page for guidance, but I did much clearing up and consolidating of the individual chapters to hopefully make it more linear to help any of you still going for Draenor Pathfinder or perhaps just Arakkoa Outcasts rep or anything else. The zone itself is very interwoven with certain questlines stopping mid-plot until you finish another chapter. When this happens, I’ve make a point to note it in the guide, so you can expect it and know what’s going on.


Между Араком и наковальней — Достижение

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Если вы не можете сделать критерий «Защита южного порта», то, возможно, вы не доделали квест Мирное подношение. Его не видно на карте и наверняка вы про него просто забыли. Координаты местонахождения нужного НПС — 43,8 44,8.
Далее идет цепочка квестов, по окончании которых вы и получите ачив.

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«Защита южного порта» может быть также не засчитана в случае невыполнения цепочки квестов, начинающихся с Покушение на убийство. Как я сама поняла, суть в том, что Мирное подношение даёт НПС, стоящий в логове контрабандитов, а «Покушение» — Гульда Теневой Клинок (Темный следопыт Велонара у Орды) в таверне. Соответственно, если вы выбирали постройку таверны, а не логова, то ориентируйтесь на эту цепочку)
И ещё нюанс: как написал Goel в комментах под этой ачивой для Орды, если достижение получено, но соратник не добавился, то бежим в Гнездовье Терокк, где и находим Ишааля. Он даст квест на то, чтобы стать вашим соратником.

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Получил достижение, но почему-то все еще показано, что не сделано «Боги Арака». Не сразу допер, искал в чем причина минут 15.

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сделал все квесты в Пиках Арака(и дополнительные)не засчитаны :Защита южного порта и Боги Арака (хотя Сете убил,квест сдал)не пойму в чем дело,квестов больше нет оббежал всю карту

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Есть инфа, что сейчас некоторым не засчитывается это достижение, несмотря на все выполненные цепочки в локации, а в игре (при открытии карты и списка заданий) отображается выполнение только одной главы из девяти. Кажись багец.

Задание на соратника «Жрец Когтя Ишааль» дадут только после получения достижения. Можно написать тикет или подождать решения вопроса.

Добавлено: Багец был, да починили. Если не засчитывается, то стоит проверить все выполненные задания для заставы (outpost), а также проверить выполнено ли задание Не здесь и не сейчас, если персонаж за Альянс (которео также является частью этой цепочки).

Проверить полный спиков невыполненных заданий можно здесь.

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Вот забрал Ишаля, в достижении пишет что не выполнена «Защита Южного порта» сделал 2 цепочки Гульды и цепочку охотника!

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Может кому поможет. У меня было проблема с ачивой не засчитывалось «обустройство павшего топора» Оказалось для получения ачивы нужно выполнить серию квестов . Самые выгодные цены!. Вот конечным результатом этой серии квестов, лично у меня и было 1 получение «записки по созданию аванпоста». и 2 тут же засчитало условие и была дана ачива Между Араком и наковальней

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КОРОЧЕ РЕБЯТ! там стоит нпц между южным портом и гнездовьем террок нужно взять квест у него Деффицит ос называется, и цепочка начнется альтернативная! сам неделю искал)))))

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Так и не понял с Богами Арака. Выполнил всю цепочку и без толку, так и не засчитывает.

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Вообщем так, люди. У кого не засчитывает «Боги Арака» в обязательном порядке необходимо сделать квесты у Анзу Анзу

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Защита Южного порта для Альянса начинается в таверне этого самого порта. Бумажку на стене прочитал и с хозяйкой поболтал — все пошло!


вики-энциклопедия по World of Warcraft

Лучшая статья

Битвы питомцев, добавленные в World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, позволяют игрокам использовать своих спутников в пошаговой мини-игре, ловить диких питомцев, добавляя их к своей коллекции, сражаться с укротителями питомцев и проверить свои навыки против других игроков. Победа в битве вознаграждает участвующих питомцев опытом, чтобы получать новые уровни, увеличивая их силу и открывать новые способности для использования в сражениях.

Для участия в битвах питомцев, игроки должны выучить способность [Обучение боевых питомцев] у наставника боевых питомцев, доступную на 5 уровне за 10. Навык появляется у всех персонажей игрока на одном аккаунте battle.net, по достижению 5 уровня и выше.

Битвы питомцев похожи на широко популярную серию игр Покемон, и предназначены для веселья, отслеживая только количество побед, а не поражений.

Справка, руководства и правила

Вовпедия — это вики, посвящённая вселенной Warcraft, которая была разработана компанией Blizzard Entertainment (данный ресурс ориентирован не только на игру World of Warcraft). Сайт включает в себя информацию по всей серии игр Warcraft, а также разнообразные руководства, истории, комиксы и многое другое.

Хотите помочь? Создайте учётную запись и начинайте создавать и править статьи!

Есть вопросы? Проверьте справочные статьи или посетите наш форум! Мы только рады новым участникам этого проекта!

Для большей информации о Вовпедии посетите Вовпедия:Описание и портал сообщества.


Новости с Пиков Арака — Задание

Краткая информация
Поговорите с Рокханом в своем гарнизоне на хребте Ледяного Огня.


Командир, разведчики, вернувшиеся с Пиков Арака в гарнизон, принесли новости. Они говорят, что там идет война между людьми-птицами и орками клана Изувеченной Длани. Рокхан просит тебя зайти к нему, когда закончишь здесь с делами. Здорово, босс.

Я знаю, тебе бы, наверно, хотелось подождать, пока тут все устаканится, но мне вот сказали, что на Пиках Арака сейчас какая-то движуха. Возможно, у нас получится заключить с кем-нибудь союз, если сейчас подключимся. Подумал, что надо бы тебе это сказать.


Вы получите:

Дополнительные награды

После выполнения этого задания вы получите:



Дополнительная информация

Внести вклад

Для загрузки изображения воспользуйтесь приведенной ниже формой. Пожалуйста, введите ссылку на видеоролик в поле, указанное ниже.

Wowhead Client — это небольшая программа, с помощью которой мы поддерживаем базу данных в актуальном состоянии. Пользователи Wowhead Client получают доступ к дополнительным инструментам на сайте.  

Клиент Wowhead делает две вещи:  

  1. Он устанавливает и обновляет аддон Wowhead Looter, который собирает данные, пока вы играете!  

  2. Он загружает собранные данные на Wowhead, обновляя базу данных!  

Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания! 

Чего же вы ждете? Скачайте Wowhead Client. 


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