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Этас похититель солнца соратник – Защитник: Этас Похититель Солнца — Задание

Этас Похититель Солнца — Защитник

Комментарий от GalenTheGrey

Welcome back, old friend.

Комментарий от Maleific

Honestly, Horde mages should have received Aethas instead of Archmage Modera.

Комментарий от gigrim

Didn’t this guy straight up help murder a city full of people?

Комментарий от bastler

Can we hand him over to Jaina for loot and reputation?

Комментарий от etheldald

i don’t want this guy to be mi champ ¿how i kill him?

its a shame that the player can’t decide anything.i know maybe he is innocent for me he is not.

at least the great akazamzarak is here to replace him.

Комментарий от dentere

So he’s got the boss counter for the 3 underachievers on my team, has a minor counter AND a +40% bonus to success? Guess I know who’s taking up slot #7.

Комментарий от EdenBlack

could we have a Blood elf champion Arcane or Frost mage please ?…

Комментарий от Rekka

Quick Testing of Aethas Sunreaver’s potential as a bodyguard reveals he has the following spells.
Пламенный разоритель: ~2.5 second cast. His signature ability. he summons a ball of fire in front of himself that rolls slowly forward toward enemies. Upon contacting enemies it will tick rapidly, stun the target for 2 seconds and explode after a couple seconds. This ability is quite strong in AoE situations since it seems to have splash dmg per target hit. its weaknesses are its smallish aoe radius, and fewer damage ticks when cast from farther away, and Aethas doesn’t move into melee range to cast it. Expect ~1mil dmg to a single target and for it to wipe out a group of 4 enemies with 3 mil hp in one cast under optimal circumstances. seems to have about a 15 second cd.
Fireball: 2.5 second cast, single target hits for ~100k
Flamestrike: casted aoe. ~2.5 second cast time hits for 250k or so
Солнечный разоритель: is an instant cast fire blast esque ability. it may cleave. hits for 200k or so

When in support mode he will appear and channel Обжигающий луч which does about 100k a tick and hits enemies near the target as well. All told its pretty bad. as Flame Reaver is capable of doing much more dmg with a shorter cooldown, but it does have a longer range, and is more consistent assuming his target lives.

All told, hes probably a boon for sentinaxx farming but otherwise, nothing particularly noteworthy here, and the long cast times means he wastes a lot of time targeting stuff thats dead. I didn’t notice any hidden passive effects or the like, but I also didn’t test for any.

Cast times and dmg are affected by the mage’s stats I tested with an 898 Arcane Mage

Комментарий от MarkerITS

Disgusting that my Alliance mage is forced to recruit this bastard. I deactivated him immediately.

Комментарий от SuperSnivy

Which mount does Aethas use? It looks really cool but I have the bad feeling there is no version available to Alliance players.

Комментарий от sadistic12345

hes weak, he doesnt counter anything
hes like a little weaker meatball

Комментарий от moonthirsty

He swears at my enemies in elvish.
What else is there?


Похититель Солнца — Darkmoon

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Этас Похититель Солнца legion 7.2 Новый соратник(защитник)

Цепочка заданий для получения нового соратника(защитника)
Этаса Похитителя Солнца.
Группа в ВК: https://vk.com/majokfiremage

Партнерская программа(yoola): https://youpartnerwsp.com/join?36748
Набор Трансмогрификации: http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/%D1%81%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%B3%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B2/%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%B0%D0%B6%D0%BE%D0%BA/simple
Перечень заданий:

— Чрезвычайная Ситуация 0:22
— План Б 1:08
— Сокровища Стражей Тирисфаля 1:47
— Творческое решение 4:34
— Ученица-ночнорожденная 6:05
— Возмездие 6:47
— Хранитель ключей Орлис 7:26
— Осиное гнездо 8:48
— Мастерская Наелла 9:23
— Тайны шадорай 9:52
— Тайное и надежное место 10:51
— Дополнительные меры 14:25
— Леди Реморза 15:17
— Усиление щита 15:46
— Вооружение Даларана 18:57
— Возвращение Верховного Мага 21:59
— Защитник: Этас Похититель Солнца 22:35

Побочные квест который откроется после прохождения всей цепочки заданий.
— Дальнейшие улутшения 23:36


Этас Похититель Солнца legion 7 2 Новый соратник защитник

Этас Похититель Солнца legion 7 2 Новый соратник защитник | youtube to mp3 Converter

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Этас Похититель Солнца legion 7.2 Новый соратник(защитник)

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