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Латные наплечники святого воителя – Holy Warrior Plate — Набор трансмогрификации

Holy Warrior Plate — Набор трансмогрификации

Комментарий от The7Hero

Без преувеличений можно сказать, что это вершина дизайнерской мысли Blizzard. Браво!

Комментарий от maflex

Зилот из стар крафта всем!

Комментарий от Ksazaks

Выключить отображение шлема и чисто воин господень__))

Комментарий от creamer

Как его получить?

Пройти на золото испытания в подземельях.

Комментарий от haddar

Протосы из Старкрафта пришли в голову при виде сета

Комментарий от Antimodern

Буря с градом отлично подойдет к этому сету как одноручник для прото/холи паладинов.

Комментарий от TRIGUNPAL

Что не удивительно, лучшего всего к сету подходит Гон-Лю, Сила Сюэня.
Смотрится он как родной. Не знаю, совпадение ли это, или разработчики действительно все так и задумали. Но ретрикам в этом смысле повезло больше всех. Увы, после Пандарии придется мерить Накидка вечной мерзлоты.
Так же, как писалось ранее, к сету прекрасно подходит двуручный меч Аваддон.

Комментарий от TRIGUNPAL

Что не удивительно, лучшего всего к сету подходит Гон-Лю, Сила Сюэня.
Смотрится он как родной. Не знаю, совпадение ли это, или разработчики действительно все так и задумали. Но ретрикам в этом смысле повезло больше всех. Увы, после Пандарии придется мерить Накидка вечной мерзлоты.
Так же, как писалось ранее, к сету прекрасно подходит двуручный меч Аваддон.

Комментарий от bi11y

По-моему вот этот щит Оплот павшего генерала подходит просто идеально. Если имеете возможность получить его — очень советую =))

Комментарий от Ledgard

И вот, все красивое опять убирают из игры.

Комментарий от Gelios

В WoD появился довольно красивый меч, который хорошо вписывается в цветовую гамму сета — Сабля Безликой Луны.
В скриншоты на странице самого меча добавил скрин моей паладинки-дренейки в сете с этим мечом (если модераторы пропустят).

P.S. Модераторы туда не пропустили… Заливаю в эту тему. Вот он.


Мастер испытаний Сун — NPC

Комментарий от perculia

Located on the ground floor of the Shrine of the Seven Stars in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Dialogue: Greetings, night elf.

I am a representative of the Craftsmen. We embody the working classes of Pandaria.

I sell rare and wondrous goods to those who have earned favor with the Craftsmen factions.

If you are looking to acquire some of my items, you will first need to earn Craftsmen Tokens by working with the Tillers, the Anglers, or the Brewmasters.

Комментарий от selvin

I talked to him and got:

I can see from a glance that you are a great adventurer.

All across the land, there are dark crypts and vast palaces, all full of terrible and mighty enemies. They guard many secrets, but also… harbor great rewards.

The bravest of heroes may venture to attempt these encounters, but beware! You would be racing against time, as well as testing your skill against other heroes!

Are you up for the challenge?

Комментарий от brothertim

I believe you need silver GOLD in all the challenges to be able to purchase these transmog items.

Комментарий от Swalsh

Oddly enough you can’t walk through him.. Just an observation :3

Комментарий от Benna1234

Hands out a daily quest to complete
a specific Challenge Mode Dungeon, rewarding 40 60 80* Valor Points (VP). To complete the quest you simply need to finish the dungeon, not earn any medals.

Although if you are doing this for the VP, it is highly recommended to go for medals, as Bronze awards an additional 40 55* VP, Silver an additional 50 70* and Gold an additional 60 85*.

Also sells an entire set of stat-less items for each class that are intended for transmogrification. To buy these sets you need to achieve Gold time in all the Challenge Mode Dungeons.

*Hotfixed 19/10/2012.

Комментарий от ShawnaRM

Quick note, Soong was the last name of Data’s father on Star Trek TNG.

I like to think thats where it came from XD

Комментарий от Roserud

Don’t buy the transmog gear when you reach gold in all challenge modes as I did, you will get a chest with all 8 gear pieces that you can buy from this vendor when you get the achievement for all challenge modes completed at gold.

You can save yourself 800g if you just open the chest before buying the gear.

Комментарий от Hagarhn

Does anyone know if the dailies have an order to them or if they’re random? It would be nice to plan for a specific dungeon ahead of time.

Комментарий от Fingeldor

This guy no longer seems to offer a daily quest.

Комментарий от kimberm

At what level does the quest giver not give them out anymore ?

Комментарий от oldmanbill66

I feel if you can no longer buy from him he needs to be removed from the game , i wanted to buy the monk set for transmog but it is all red as in no you can not buy from me. Grrrrr


Золотой сундук святого воителя — Предмет

Комментарий от kingoomieiii

This chest (and the other chests with this naming convention) shares its suffix with the Paladin Challenge Mode armor. The armor may come in this box.

Комментарий от 3Z3K13L08

This is the Paladin class chest.

Комментарий от oavil

I just finished getting this achievement last night, what a rush.

It was the most rewarding thing i’ve done in this game, but also the most frustrating. The thing that makes getting 9/9 gold hard is personnel & scheduling issues. Of course you will have wipes as you learn the CM’s but that is easily overcome. It’s like memorizing a 10-20 minute dance that has little room for error.

I was lucky early on to find a tank & dps that i clicked well with and did every gold together. But we never had a steady 5 man roster which made things extremely difficult. Here are my tips after having spent 3 weeks to get this achieve:

General Tips

  • The most important thing you need to bring to a gold CM run is patience. If even 1 person in your group lacks patience it will drag your group down
  • Voice comm is critical and
    Skype > vent
    for challenge modes imo. You don’t want another button to press.
  • Openraid is awesome for finding people to run with when you are starting out, (ideal would be guildies)
  • With alot of the CM’s, ranged dps > melee dps. Personally i would recommend 1 melee dps max. It just makes some of the mechanics more punishing because of aoe dmg near tank or bosses that cannot be dps’ed easily by melee (Gate / SSB)
  • When pug’ing, you will come across alot of people that offer to come that are «multiple 9/9». Be careful with these people as they can be elitist / difficult to work with and will bail on you if you wipe too much. Instead look for people that at least have gold proving grounds or at least 1 gold CM. They are hungry and know their class.
  • When it comes to group composition: player performance > class utility. If you can get both — even better.
  • At the end of each run, always agree upon a date/time to meet for the next one (assuming you like your group)
  • Show up at the agreed upon date/time 🙂
  • The hardest pulls in CM are the trash. Well co-ordinated AOE stuns will save your healers mana and reduce your time.
  • If you die, never release
  • If you are going to use a speed boost with invisibility pots, be careful to pop speed boost before drinking so your group members don’t hate you
  • Tanks should try to get a Боевой рог

Some Holy Paladin specific tips:

  • Reforge for haste. Flask for intellect. You want big fast heals. Don’t worry about spirit too much, you can use Исцеляющий янтарь after almost every pull
  • Talents: Speed of light / justice / EF / Clemency / Holy Avenger / Holy Prism
  • Glyphs: Blinding Light / Sac / FoL
  • Be prepared to use flash of light like it’s TBC. LoD / HR are pretty weak in CM’s.
  • Avoid stacking healing CD’s where possible
  • Hand of Salv & Hand of Prot are great if your tank is having aggro issues on a large pull (i.e big monkey pull in SSB)
  • Hand of Sac on the tank whenever he’s taking brutal dmg
  • Voice comm between you & your tank re: healing CD’s is critical. If we’re about to pull a nasty trash pack, and everything is on cooldown i tell him before the pull
  • Communicate with dps that have off heals to help (i.e shaman) when things get out of control
  • Make a macro for SSB last boss to switch to both your dps set AND change spec so you don’t have to fiddle with the UI
  • Some bosses do very little damage, DPS when you can — every little bit helps.

Finally, in terms of CM relative healing difficulty here is what i thought (from hardest to easiest):

  1. Stormstout Brewery — execution is not so hard, but timer is unforgiving. last boss mechanics are critical
  2. Siege of Niuzau Temple — alot of raid aoe dmg in this one, most others are tank focused
  3. Scarlet Monastery — insane trash pulls
  4. Temple of the Jade Serpent
  5. Shado Pan Monastery — bosses are particularly rough on healers
  6. Scholomance
  7. Scarlet Halls
  8. Gate of the setting sun

Комментарий от tmptfate

The MoP (Paladin) Challenge Mode transmog set is going to be no longer available with the release of the Warlords of Draenor pre-launch event patch, or slightly before then.

The reasoning for removal of the sets is summarized by Bashiok from the forums:

The additional MoP Challenge Mode Transmog sets being retired are:

For a full explanation, here is the official WoW blog post:



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