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Поводья скакуна всадника без головы – Поводья скакуна Всадника без головы — Достижение

Поводья скакуна Всадника без головы — Достижение


Комментарий от zdog294

looks like we’re getting the Headless Horseman’s Skeleton horse mount ^_^ hopefully THIS one wont have fangs.

Комментарий от Azere

There were some screenshots of this mount about a month ago on MMO-champ, it looked exactly like the Fiery warhorse that drops in Karazhan.

Although hopefully this will change…

Комментарий от SuBw00FeR

That mount dropped for us today, got it on our fourth go. I didn’t get it sadly :

It’s mostly black with green fiery feet and red tinge on some areas, looks really cool.

Комментарий от Spl4sh4r

Since it has the text «This mount changes depending on Riding skill and location.» it can mean it’s flying too =)

Комментарий от yoyellow

i just got this, it flies at epic speed if u have that 😀

Комментарий от Kurazi11

just got mine today too off our second summon, looks similar to the kara mount but it flys! 🙂

Комментарий от ChaosWing

Server first on Bloodscalp. Got it about an hour after the events started, dropped on second summon. Was 3 manning with my brothers, an arms warrior and a boomkin. Fights took about 3 minutes each. I’m a lucky fool. Good luck to everyone else! =P

Azurewolf, human retribution paladin, Bloodscalp server

Комментарий от machined


nice looking mount and fun that its a air and ground mount also.

people giving bad ratings 🙁 why posted a SS for you too. oh well.

Комментарий от Roflcopteer3500

Does anyone know the drop rate for this item?

Комментарий от texanwmn

The drop rate cannot be too bad, there are already 5+ people on our server with them.

Комментарий от apparentbliss

Even if «the drop rate cannot be too bad,» it still must be quite, quite low. Though anecdotally, both I and a guild mate have the reins, that’s not exactly useful information, due to the fickle nature of the RNG. According to this blue post, «the Horseman’s mount is ten times as rare as the Squashling, in terms of pure numbers.» Just from personal experience over the 75ish runs I have made over the past several days, I make the educated guess that the squashling pet is
at most
a 14-16% drop, and I would not be surprised if the drop rate was 10% or lower. This makes the Reins, at best, a less-than-2% drop. All of this is pure conjecture, of course, but short of getting inside the servers it is probably about as accurate as we will get.

Комментарий от Sultic

i dont believe that the droprate on the mount is all that bad, its been 3 days into event and we have at least 3 ppl in my guild with this mount and i have been seeing lots of other players with the mount with it only being the 3rd or 4th day into the event but the squashling and hallowed helm seem impossible to get

Комментарий от baconpride

that’s the thing it’s all the luck of the draw….just in my about 25 runs since the first day i have seen about 6 hallowed helms and 3 squashlings…..and 1 mount that i was fortunate enough to win

Комментарий от Roflcopteer3500

If i kill this boss lets say.. 20 times per day about on which day would it probably drop?

Комментарий от Zaea

rofl: you could kill him 20 times per day for the entire time that hallow’s end is going on, you still MIGHT never see the horse drop. its all about the RNG so you cant really pinpoint a specific day that it would drop on.

Комментарий от Fwibbles

I see scrubs in greens with this.
Its more or less a feat of strength as bending a paper clip.
W E L F A R E B O S S -not much ‘strength’ or ‘skill’

Комментарий от Avitar

Feat of RNG

Комментарий от MorbidDesire

Its a random drop.Low, but random. Got this on my 4th run. There’s always next year!

Комментарий от Pallis

Its over for this year but i ran this thing dozens of times a day, i killed him a good 500-700 times before it dropped once, and that was on holloween. I seen the sword like 20 times the squashling like 20 times and the helmet probly 30 times and the hollowed helm about 60 times and only 1 mount, which i got

Комментарий от Boycik

I’ve already got this one. Actually I’m proud of it, though I hope Blizzard will change some details of this mount the next event so that not to look just as the one from the previous year’s event, for instance its colours in order to be able to recognise which Horseman’s Mount is from which year etc. Look, I — as a person who has it — do not want everyone to have it (it can sound a bit selfish). Every year the number of ppl who have it will rise and soon this mount will lose its charm… (as I can call it so). So, I think every owner will agree with me. Do not remove this mount from drop, only change some details not to look the same, just similar to the one from the previous year’s event!

Комментарий от Durh

i did him 5 times every day during the whole event but i didnt even see it drop 🙁 but i saw sinister Squashling drop 2 times per day…..

Комментарий от Estren

What about giving the mount arround the group, that all get this achievement?^^

Комментарий от Mongatsumi

You can use this script to link you have completed it! It’s fake though.

/run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(«\124cffffff00\124Hachievement:980:»..strsub(UnitGUID(«player»),3)..»:1:10:19:9:0:0:0:0\124h\124h\124r»)

Комментарий от Snowie

This Droprate is Quite Low — if you killed yourself for a brewfest mount, well, Your going to have to kill yourself even more for this. 0.4 Droprate. If you round up 400 people, i guarentee 1,2 or none of them will have this.

THe Headless Horseman is a boss during Hallows end in which you kill once every day (well 5 times, because each person gets one summon, again, like brewfest) . . . . . . .

Also, Please dont ninja, someone might become veerrry upset =(

Комментарий от neenach3002

Got the mount on like my 5th or 6th day, each day my group summoned him 5-6 times. I ended up selling it to someone in my party for 7500 gold. Stupid? Maybe, but I saw the mount drop (which doesn’t happen often) and I really didn’t care that much about having it.

Комментарий от Redhawk

I got this a while back (this year) the first time I did HH for the year…
I can confirm that he does fly. (Only if my account was still active i would post a picture).
Sadly, the game must have a punishment for such a treat, and my time ran out before i could finish Hollow’s End Title =(.
BUT..I can CONFIRM that he flies, has no fangs, and is seemingly different from the Fiery Warhorse.

Комментарий от Siedjeey

I did the HH boss each day during the holiday and i saw it drops only ONCE!
I hate Blizzard for their damn low droprates…. I really thought it was a prank untill I actually saw it drop…
Hope they’ll change the droprate next year.

Комментарий от Meldo

Blizzard made an really interesting announcement about the future of eventbosses!

Just to clarify some misconceptions about this new functionality, the summoning of holiday bosses is going away. Players can queue for these bosses via the Dungeon Finder or special holiday NPCs found in the world. Once the party is finalized, the group will be ported directly to the area where the holiday boss resides. Players can kill the holiday bosses as often as they want for standard loot (epic rings, trinkets, etc.), however, they will only drop one holiday-themed loot trove per player per day. These loot troves will have a chance of containing rare holiday items such as The Horseman’s Reins.

On the one hand this means, you no langer can take alts and let them summon the boss to get your the mount/ pet etc. but on the other it also means that you no longer need to roll against your group mates which increases the chance of getting a rare drop incredibly, if they dont lower the dropchance.

Комментарий от emwire

On the one hand this means, you no langer can take alts and let them summon the boss to get your the mount/ pet etc. but on the other it also means that you no longer need to roll against your group mates which increases the chance of getting a rare drop incredibly, if they dont lower the dropchance.

well after witnessing this year’s brewfest, these «rare» mounts seems to have become a complete joke tbh.
I have a couple of duplet rams in the bank now and on one of my alts I got both the ram and the kodo in the same loot-trove.

I was happy getting this mount on my old main, because it’s always fun to have something really rare. especially from holiday events, because people can only farm those for a very limited amount of time per year.

now, all you need to do is click the dungeon finder once per day and you’ll most likely get it during the holiday event unless you are extremely unlucky.

I don’t understand why they would do this. it just takes away everything that is truly unique about getting something like this.

Комментарий от Ashvael

Confirmed the mount now drops from the bag.

A friend of me got it on our first run tonight, wondering if it was just really lucky or if the droprate got buffed to compensate for the only «once/day».

Комментарий от whitehusky

This mount now drops from the loot bag you receive from killing the boss. You can only get the bag once per day. Subsequent attempts to kill the boss will not result in more loot bags, so it would be a waste of time if this is the only item you’re after.

Комментарий от Caedrion

Regarding the drop % beeing increased i can confirm ( if any1 still had doubts ) the mount droped form my gf and me on the same run , was pretty happy that she got it as she opened the bag 1st just to scream a huge LOL when i opened mine and i got it as well! Btw it looks epic on a shadow priest =)

Happy farming every1 !

Комментарий от Devinedragoon

Ok now this is straight up bull a friend of mine comes back after 3 months and gets the mount in the first show on 2 toons in the same day. i’ve done it on 4 toons a days since monday and nothing.

Комментарий от ivkoni

I just have it on my mage on Emeriss EU. I did only a few runs (4-8).

Комментарий от Ares2112

You’re either lying or incredibly stupid. You only get one chance at the mount a day from the loot bag so 4-8 runs wouldn’t help at all.

Not sure why this was down rated. he edited his post to not look like an idiot.

Комментарий от Jakesterwars

3 years.. just 3 years farming this mount and on the first day I do a Headless Horseman run I get it in the Pumpkin bag. I didn’t know how to react. It was either be angry because it was that easy to get after so long, or relieved because I didn’t have to do it anymore.

Комментарий от Ownedhs

More drops Rate.. like 10% would be good!

Комментарий от Vishtara

Won it when you had to manually summon the horseman in SM in 2009. No longer have that account since I got rid of it when I quit the game. Started playing again in 2010 >.

Every year since, I was depressed seeing other people with it because I didn’t have it anymore, and the chance I would get it again was very freaking low. I ran the daily HH on countless toons to no avail for 2 years, with nothing but tricky treats and 50,000 brooms, to try and get it again.

This year I figured it was pointless to even bother, because it has such a low droprate, and actually forced myself to queue. Watched loot rolls from each group and didn’t see one drop since the event began. That didn’t help. I only have 2 90’s so the fact that the xpack was released right before the event made me even more bitter. I was actually going to skip it today, and when I opened my pumpkin bag I was more or less at least hoping for a helm to d/e for enchanting mats.

When I looted the bag and saw that familiar icon appear, I thought I was dreaming. I actually screamed and my husband thought something was wrong with me. Just keep trying guys, it can happen. Account wide means you will never have to do the HH boss again except for other loot when you do get it. Cheers!

Комментарий от Longfeng

After years I finally managed to get it on 18/10/2015. Awesome 🙂


Редкий предмет — Поводья Всадника без головы

Поводья Всадника без головы не зря считают одним из самых ценных и труднодоступных предметов в игре «Мир Варкрафта». Его можно получить только при определенных условиях с очень низким шансом. Подробная информация насчет добычи предмета и внешнего вида ездового животного обозначена в статье.

Внешний вид и другие характеристики

Предмет Поводья Всадника без головы в игре дает возможность получить одноименное ездовое животное. На вид этот конь выглядит будто восставший из легенд, с ярким черным окрасом и вкраплениями зеленого цвета. Прекрасно сочетается с цветовой гаммой яркий след, который остается после передвижения животного по земле и воздуху. Поводья на нем красного цвета, как и седло.

Использовать транспортное средство можно уже с 20-го уровня, при этом его скорость увеличивается вместе с улучшением навыка верховой езды у пользователя. Если игрок сумеет выбить Поводья Всадника без головы однажды одним персонажем, то для прочих классов на учетной записи он также будет доступен. Это сделало маунт еще более привлекательным, и множество пользователей охотятся за ним из года в год.

Способ добычи

Предмет Поводья Всадника без головы не зря считается одним из самых редких. Он становится доступен только раз в году во время празднования внутриигрового события Тыквовина, приуроченного к празднику Хэллоуину. В это время на серверах появляется возможность раз в день персонажем Всадник без головы сходить в подземелья, где он же и будет единственным противником. За победу каждому пользователю выдается Заполненная добычей тыква.

Именно при ее открытии можно обнаружить заветного маунта, что бывает крайне редко. Шанс выпадения примерно 0,5 %, многие пользователи охотились на него в течение 4-5 лет каждый праздник разными персонажами, дабы дополнить коллекцию. Универсального способа, как выбить Поводья Всадника без головы, не существует. Придется надеяться на свою удачу и использовать всех персонажей, существующих в учетной записи. Некоторым игрокам удается сделать это с нескольких заходов, другие же, как уже было упомянуто выше, тратили годы и упорно ждали игрового события Тыквовина.

Отзывы пользователей о транспортном средстве

Основной причиной невероятной популярности скакуна Всадника без головы с поводьями является редкость. Фанаты «Мира Варкрафта» готовы на многое, лишь бы отличиться среди прочих пользователей, а похвастаться данной вещью могут далеко не все. В этом случае есть еще одна весомая причина для того, чтобы продолжать из года в год охоту на маунт.

Его модель не только внешне привлекательна, но еще и не имеет ничего лишнего. Пользователи отмечают, что при езде и полетах на фоне не теряется персонаж, а экран не заполняется большими взмахами крыльев. При этом конь отлично подойдет для сбора ресурсов, например травы для будущего применения в алхимии. Каждый пользователь имеет свои причины для того, чтобы охотиться на предмет. Не стоит также забывать, что за получение транспортного средства полагается одноименное достижение и 10 очков в копилку общего рейтинга.


Как получить поводья всадника без головы

Приветствую вас друзья! С вами Руслан Кочанов и сегодня я хочу рассказать вам о том, как получить поводья всадника без головы!

[su_frame align=»center»][/su_frame]

Данный маунт относится к легко добываемым верховым животным, но добыть его можно только в период проведения праздника Тыквовин! Который проводится с 16 по 31 октября включительно.

Выпадает данный маунт из Заполненной добычей тыквы

Заполненная же добычей тыква падает в свою очередь из поверженного всадника без головы

О том где найти всадника без головы читайте в этом гайде Принеси мне голову… ээ, то есть…

Там все подробно описано, единстенная фишка о которой я вам расскажу это то, что

[su_note note_color=»#e4eb16″ text_color=»#1a1717″ radius=»10″]После того, как вы убили всадника без головы и получили добычу, бывает так что нужной вещи там не оказалось! Поэтому выходим из подземелья, обновляем его и идем убивать всадника еще раз. И так пока не выпадет нужная вещь! [/su_note]

Единственное уточнение, обновлять подземелье можно 5 раз в час.

Ну вот и все, считайте поводья всадника без головы и достижение Поводья всадника без головы у нас в кармане!

[su_frame align=»center»][/su_frame]

Спасибо за внимание и до новых встреч!

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Скакун Всадника без головы — NPC


Комментарий от Stripfiguur

this model is present in patch 2.4.2 on the PTR

Комментарий от Warrant

So? The 2.4.2 came out. Wheres the seller of this mount?

Комментарий от whitedragon254

Im thinking that they are getting a jump start for next hallows end. This mount might be the reward.

Комментарий от Jangalian

It’s more likely they’ll make this a drop for the Headless Horseman, with an extremely low drop rate (like all the other rare mounts). The thing that’ll make this the most farmed mount for a while will be the fact that the horse comes in two flavors, epic ground and epic flight.

Yes, flight.

As in ride your black horse across the moonlight sky, his deadly hooves making demonic hoofprints in the clouds. How awesome is that?

FYI, looks epic with the hunter’s Gladiator set. They’re both black and evil glowing green.

Комментарий от Furrsteve

Fiery Warhorse’s Reins looks a bit like the Headless Horseman Mount: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=30480#.

Комментарий от Kusaionara

Dropped for me last night. Very cool mount. I’m no longer disappointed that I didn’t get a kodo during brewfest because this is much better. I wonder what the drop rate is though. How lucky was I?

Комментарий от Rigon

It looks like the kara attumen mount, got it on the third try on headless horseman, many ppl got jealous 😛

Комментарий от Jezebell

Got it this morning, i was hoping it to be rare, but i gues its gonna be like the brewfest.
Its great this also works as a flying mount.

Комментарий от MoMoG

This mount can be used as flying and normal ground mount, its 100% on ground and 60% on flying. Looks almost the same as the one from Kara but kind of Darker.

And i think its also an Achievement when you loot it or so.

Комментарий от MoMoG

haha know how ya feel mate 😉

Комментарий от Jezebell

So any news yet on drop rate?

Im still only one on the realm atm

Комментарий от newzing0129

I got 1 too this morning 😀

Happy but i really want that cute kodo too…greedy

Комментарий от Mortenz

If you have epic flying riding skill, it will fly at 280% speed. If you only have normal flying speed, it will only with at 60%.

It’s 100% on ground.
Only mount in the game so far that works in Azeroth and can fly in Outland, and possibly wotlk. (Doubt it will fly in wotlk.)

Комментарий от DrJabbs

Just got this to drop for me after about 8 Headless Horseman kills! SUPER LUCKY

pics waiting approval

Комментарий от HyBReD

Nice gear… sigh. Useless casuals getting ultra rare loot, gotta love it.

Комментарий от shadowburn7

This mount changes with your riding skill. It works like this:

Skill — Type
150 — 100% ground
225 — 60% flyer
300 — 280% flyer

I got it after about 5 kills on my paladin. I’ve done it a total of 18 times so it seems to be pretty low. Like that other guy said, I missed out on kodo but this mount is WAY better. I feel relieved to get this instead. Happy farming 🙂

Комментарий от fishtail

Just submitted some screenshots. waiting for approval >< Good luck everyone, happy farming

Комментарий от psyphodias

Picked this up on a guild run this morning. It is an achievement, so look out for that too. I will automaticaly adjust to your skill level, so it doubles as a flyer.

Комментарий от ad00

Both the mount and the Sinister Squashling dropped on my first HH kill 😉 Unfortunately, someone else got the pet, but I did get this mount and it does look quite nice, and I love the fact it doubles as a flying mount.

Комментарий от Againigan

My entire group yesterday had The Headless Horseman quest so we were able to summon him twice each. The mount dropped on the 4th kill and I lost the roll. Summoned 5 times today and it dropped on the last kill along with Sinister Squashling. I won the roll on the mount this time. 😀

So far, 15 kills — 2 drops.

Комментарий от DrJabbs

Gotta love jealous people. Btw, its just a new toon. Im no casual.

Комментарий от Camdean

I got this today, yesterday we managed to get the Broomstick after 4 kills and today on our 4th kill this dropped, I have submitted pictures so they should be up soon.

Amazing mount, it’s great looking fast and adjusts to your location and skill.

Комментарий от shimmy03

I got this mount on October 18th. =D
it is a flying and riding mount depending on where you are located and your riding skill. outlands it has a 280% flying speed for myself since i have the epic windrider. but it is an awesome mount and i hope you guys enjoy it. its not a easy drop rate. i was the first in my guild to get it and the only one that i know of so far! hope this helped some. im waiting on wowhead to approve some screenshots i submitted. =D

Комментарий от Zaea

yay i got this on my first kill (first summon) on the 19th (we missed out on the first day due to the instance servers going down)

Love the freaking thing, and love that it is a flying mount and a land mount 🙂

about 3 or 4 on the server right now, good luck to everyone else trying for it!

Комментарий от Gozin1011

I don’t see how people are having such luck, since I have killed HH over 127 times (Yes I have counted) and have not seen one of these mounts drop. I have even been designated to get it first, so I guess we’ll see. I’d love to see a drop rate on this mount be calculated.


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