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Вов громовые раскаты – Громовые раскаты — Задание — World of Warcraft

Громовые раскаты — Задание — World of Warcraft


Комментарий от kalito1982

You have to deliver it to 37.49, 46.48. Of course touching the horses will damage the barrel. Quite easy to complete.

Комментарий от Whyrocknodie

Ride the barrel in the direction the fel steeds are coming from, not the direction they are going. If you see a fel steed with an imp dangling from the back of his head, that particular steed will veer wildly across the road.

Комментарий от dillybar

I tried to keep the camera view directly overhead, speed wasn’t the key here, it was fast moves to get away from the horses more than anything.

Комментарий от JNasty

This quest takes place on the Infernal Causeway, just north of Deliverance point in the Расколотый берег.

Right-click a Бочка штормового меда near Ролан Пивобрюх to hop on, then follow the path that descends to the northwest towards Impsorrow Approach. Along the way, Несущийся конь Скверныs will be running towards you to obstruct the path between you and the Усталая монахиня-хмелеварs to which you must deliver the barrel of brew. Each time a horse hits your barrel (which will likely happen at least once, since they make rapid turns often), your barrel will take damage. You can see your barrel’s health on the left-hand side of your action bar. Should your barrel be destroyed, you will be required to restart your barrel riding from the beginning. The barrel itself can actually take quite a few hits, though. Once you reach the Усталая монахиня-хмелеварs, this world quest will be marked as complete. A few seconds later, you will be automatically dismounted from the Бочка штормового меда.

Комментарий от deviantsynapses

From the main path, take the ramp on the left starting at 40.81, 55.05 down into the water. Roll a short distance in the water and get on the ramp going up at 38.54, 50.53. Puts you right at the finish point of the quest.

Комментарий от TommyFresh

I swear, some of these designers were not hugged enough as children. :/

Комментарий от dementiala

There is an achievement for completing this without getting hit by any of the horses…

Комментарий от Clandes01

This quest is fun; said no one ever.

Комментарий от frakbt

Annoying and frustrating. However, I found if I hug the left edge as much as possible, I only get hit once or twice.

Комментарий от dcawdell

For those of us, who just got up and haven’t had enough coffee yet — take the barrels down hill against the flow of horses to where the green troops are. I tried the other 2 directions first and wasted time finding out.

Комментарий от Milambar

This is one of those quests where the designers have been really stupidly childish. Firstly, when you mount the barrel, it forces your camera to zoom way out, and changes the view point angle, which for visually impaired people like me, makes the task impossible.

Also because the barrel is continuously moving, its not exactly easy to scroll the wheel to zoom back in, and steer the barrel at the same time.

Blizzards designers need to get a clue and stop messing with peoples camera positions.

Комментарий от ooew

severely glitched quest, idk if it’s caused by cross-realm zoning, horses vanish near the end or the barrel simply explodes from crashin into nothing. The idea of gameplay is good but the execution ruined it.

Комментарий от Pwuebear

Completing this without getting hit awards you Катится, катится….

Комментарий от Yogilaw

Not one of Blizz’s finest tbh. If your graphics processor is not up to spec (or you’re running too high a res) this can be a real chore. As many have already said; stick as close to the left cliff wall as poss to avoid being hit too often. By time you are out in the open your barrel should still have enough health to get you to the end point. Do not try to run down the right side of the path, chances are you’ll swerve off into the fel lake below & die (133g cost — totally disproportionate imo). You can’t use your flying mount to get out!

Комментарий от shortlived1

Oh look, a terribly designed and unfair quest in Legion. Ya don’t see those everyday!


Комментарий от Tatiana

Anyone who has played the old Lion King game on PC has practiced for a stampede!

Комментарий от ModishVision

Is a World Quest located in the Broken Shores /way 47, 58
Simply click on the barrel and dodge the Несущийся конь Скверны.
My suggestion is to stay to the left against the wall and use it as an advantage so you can achieve
Катится, катится… by not taking any damage to the barrel full of brew.

This is how I did it.

Комментарий от LuckyGhoul

Any relation to the old arcade game?


Комментарий от shortlived1

Oh look, a terribly designed and unfair quest in Legion. Ya don’t see those everyday!

Комментарий от shortlived1

Oh look, a terribly designed and unfair quest in Legion. Ya don’t see those everyday!


Комментарий от User4574

In order to work properly with 7.2, the TomTom line should look like this: /way Broken Shore:Broken Isles 37.4, 46.5

Комментарий от SaltLB

Okay, I figured it out. You have to hug the left rockwall. If you do that, you can typically get down to the cliff edge without getting hit by a horse, but when you get down to the cliff edge be careful. The rocks there can cause you to fall off.

Комментарий от Mogster1234

Why don’t the horses get drunk from smashing all the kegs?

Комментарий от mychatposts

How to Easily do Rolling Thunder Quest Video in Wow Legion

See video

(tip: stick to the sides and use the terrain -rocks- to time your advantage) and bonus feature, how to smite enemies by a ^&*!@#$ with an addon :-).

But there is no need to try this over and over again running down the middle of the path.

Комментарий от TronhildaMain

I really hate quests that give you so little clues that you have to come here to Wowhead to figure things out. You should only have to come to Wowhead if you have tried several times and just can’t quite get there. That being said, I really do appreciate everyone who put in time to comment on quests. For anyone who is still confused at this point, you are supposed to go down the hill behind where you pick up the barrel and where the horses are coming from. If you hug the left side and gently tap your controls so you don’t move much from side to side, you can make it down to the soldiers before your barrel breaks.

Комментарий от ccmccoy

Hugging the left side does appear to be a good strategy, but even then I failed about a dozen times. I recalled that my first attempt before I understood the quest requirements was to run UP the path on the left (where the stampede wasn’t), whereupon my barrel exploded near the few NPC’s at the top. This did, however, give me one more thing I could try before abandoning the quest.

I went up the path to the large section of collapsed stone before rolling to the right and down the mountainside, again staying as much as possible to the left. Neither I nor the barrel seemed to take any damage from the fall, and I was thus able to avoid almost all the damage I had been receiving in the first half of the run. I completed the quest the first time I tried this strategy, and then did it successfully again just to confirm the previous success was not a fluke.

While your mileage may vary, I suggest you try this before abandoning the quest.

Комментарий от SilverDragon234

Is there any way to stop those damn felsteeds in their tracks, like by roaring?

Комментарий от Darthvixen

got bounced off to the first chasm on the right which is a lava pit that i couldn’t jump out of before i succumbed to a lousy 54g repair bill. obviously came here to rage post about it.

edit: today seems to be much more obnoxious than any other attempt i previously tried.

Комментарий от shortlived2

Oh look, a terribly designed and unfair quest in Legion. Ya don’t see those everyday!


Комментарий от Rudy199

I tried this 10 times in a row, failed, and moved on. Is it just me?

Комментарий от stickshift

Cool-looking quest; would be fun to see in real life. Trying to get my bulky draenei in full armor up the side of those rock walls feels like trying to slide a slice of cheese between two bricks.

Комментарий от Hornhide


I’m sure they made this harder in the last patch or two. I’ve done it several times previously without issue, but this time.. barrel destroyed three times and then knocked into the green lava. Had to come look for hints, It may be because I’ve just moved and am temporarily using my phone as a wi-fi hotspot so have more lag than usual.

Very frustrating!

Комментарий от StillWaters

Hey Blizzard quest designer for this quest, F U!

Комментарий от rosse59

I have no hopes that this will ever make it to Blizzard, but…. just know, «designers» that it’s crap like this (plus an innumerable number of bugs) that I’m quitting this stupid game after 11 years. /out

Комментарий от Itfiggures

Someone is a G.I. Joe fan, the Rolling Thunder was a truly epic playset with huge missiles and cluster bombs. Ahh, the good old days.

Комментарий от RSN90

This is one of the most frustrating quests I’ve ever done in WoW. I tried about a dozen times and gave up.

Комментарий от Ravenheart1985

I rolled a barrel through a stampede of Felsteeds just so a bunch of monks could get drunk while they fight? Glad to see my almighty hero position isn’t being squandered or anything… *coughs*.


Комментарий от Yogilaw

Biggest (or very close to) most festering pile of s**t Blizz have come up with. Barrel health nerfed in some recent patch & the old tactic of hugging the left wall doesn’t work anymore. Utter waste of time & effort for little reward. If you have no life & are happy to persevere trying & trying again then eventually the law of averages will see you complete this. Frankly the jokers who decided to ‘up’ the difficulty level of this have serious personal issues.

Комментарий от Direlamb

Blizzard, this quest wasn’t trivial to complete earlier in the expansion, but it was at least doable (and sorta fun). However, I just tried over half a dozen times and didn’t even get close. Finally just said forget it and moved on to something more straightforward (time is too precious). Given all the other things that desperately need fixing in the game right now, should ramping up the difficult of this minor quest really have been a priority?

Комментарий от Nimel

Tried today at least 10 times and I never had so much difficulty!
What did they change? Fix this abomination.

Комментарий от MintyFox

First, I’d like to say that the people who designed this quest are sadists. You know who you are.

Now, the best method I found for this was:

1. Ride against the flow of the stampede, not with it.
2. Stay as far left as possible along the cliff wall (can even roll up it a bit and drop down).
3. When you reach the open pathway, stay left but use your mouse to veer away from the crazy imp horses (keyboard turning just isn’t fast enough for this).
4. Small adjustments are crucial. A wild swing to the side and you’re lost.
5. Avoid the rocks. Even small ones are enough to get you stuck.

Took me 3 tries, good luck.

Комментарий от kingiddqd1

Does somebody know, what is the «respawn» timer for this WQ? I didn’t see it available for weeks now

Комментарий от Wowvocate

This WQ was made significantly more miserable with patch 7.3 with the ramping up of amount of felsteeds combined with reduction in barrel health. And here comes patch 8.0 to make it borderline impossible by completely mucking up collision detection. You can roll right through a felsteed and not get hit, or dodge a pack of three and somehow get triple hit!

Pro-tip: just dont do this one anymore.

Комментарий от matthewmaurice

OMFG, completing this succesfully should be a FoS and award a Hell of a lot more than 75 base rep with Армия погибели Легиона, a few Припасы Армии погибели Легиона, and some Ресурсы оплота класса!


Раскаты грома — Достижение — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Virusd

Координаты TomTom

/way 40.2, 40.6 Лэй Шэнь
/way 47.0, 59.9 Священная гора
/way 34.9, 65.6 Цена единства
/way 60.7, 68.8 Пандаренский вопрос

Комментарий от ModeraM

После выполнения данного достижения на почту Вам придет письмо, в котором будет находится предмет Раскаты грома. Он позволяет получить задание Раскаты грома.

англ. комментарии.

Комментарий от voltek

Сразу все 3 достижения

Пророчество зандаларов
Раскаты грома
Боги и монстры

/way 35.1, 70.1 Взросление
/way 68.7, 45.8 За Короля и совет
/way 36.3, 70.4 Тени Лоа
/way 52.6, 41.4 Темный пророк Зул
/way 35.8, 54.7 Агенты порядка
/way 59.2, 26.3 Тень, Шторм и Камень
/way 49.9, 20.4 Проклятие и молчание
/way 62.5, 37.7 Эпоха сотни королей
/way 40.2, 40.6 Лэй Шэнь
/way 47.0, 59.9 Священная гора
/way 34.9, 65.6 Цена единства
/way 60.7, 68.8 Пандаренский вопрос

Комментарий от Spacess

Свиток «Тень, Шторм и Камень» находится в Кузне Грома. Вход после моба Итока, между двумя монстрами проходим в ворота (вход: 58.8 30.6)
Свиток «За Короля и совет» находится ИЛИ на палубе корабля 68.7, 45.8 (наверх по лестнице http://i.imgur.com/IbqMHpN.png) ИЛИ же, свиток перед кораблем на пристани по этим координатам 66.2 44.7

Итого Макросы для TomTom на Остров Грома:

Боги и монстры:

/way Остров Грома 35.8, 54.7 Агенты порядка
/way Остров Грома 58.8 30.6 Вход Тень, Шторм и Камень
/way Остров Грома 59.2, 26.3 Тень, Шторм и Камень
/way Остров Грома 49.9, 20.4 Проклятие и молчание

/way Остров Грома 62.5, 37.7 Эпоха сотни королей

Пророчество зандаларов:

/way Остров Грома 35.1, 70.1 взросление
/way Остров Грома 68.7, 45.8 Палуба корабля «За Короля и совет»
/way Остров Грома 66.2 44.7 Пристань перед кораблем «За короля и совет» .
/way Остров Грома 36.3, 70.4 Тени Лоа
/way Остров Грома 52.6, 41.4 Темный пророк Зул

Раскаты грома:

/way Остров Грома 40.2, 40.6 Лэй Шэнь
/way Остров Грома 47.0, 59.9 Священная гора
/way Остров Грома 34.9, 65.6 Цена единства
/way Остров Грома 60.7, 68.8 Пандаренский вопрос


Раскаты грома — Задание — World of Warcraft

Краткая информация
Принесите хранителю истории Чо книгу «Раскаты грома». Прилагается предмет:



Зловещие раскаты грома уже давно вселяют страх в мой народ. Теперь, благодаря тебе, мы знаем, что виной всему Лэй Шэнь.

Если ты посетишь Обитель Мудрости в Вечноцветущем доле, мы сможем внести эту работу в твою личную коллекцию.

Благодарим за приложенные усилия!

С уважением,

Хранитель истории Чо

Единственный наш источник знаний о Лэй Шэне – мрачные легенды, пришедшие из глубины веков. Мне всегда было интересно – не приукрашивают ли они реальность, наделяя Лэй Шэня слишком большим могуществом. Но твои исследования показали, что эти легенды недооценивали Властелина Грома. Воистину, наступили темные дни.

Мы добавим эти знания в твою коллекцию. Если хочешь услышать еще раз эту историю, просто укажи на нужный том в коллекции.


Вы получите:

Дополнительные награды

После выполнения этого задания вы получите:

Дополнительная информация

Внести вклад

Для загрузки изображения воспользуйтесь приведенной ниже формой. Пожалуйста, введите ссылку на видеоролик в поле, указанное ниже.

Wowhead Client — это небольшая программа, с помощью которой мы поддерживаем базу данных в актуальном состоянии. Пользователи Wowhead Client получают доступ к дополнительным инструментам на сайте.  

Клиент Wowhead делает две вещи:  

  1. Он устанавливает и обновляет аддон Wowhead Looter, который собирает данные, пока вы играете!  

  2. Он загружает собранные данные на Wowhead, обновляя базу данных!  

Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания! 

Чего же вы ждете? Скачайте Wowhead Client. 


«Пандаренский вопрос» — Объект — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Calesta

The Pandaren Problem — Found at the Violet Rise on the Isle of Thunder @ 60.7, 68.8

Needed for the Rumbles of Thunder achievement.

Комментарий от Calesta

Even in the ages before the old empire, there is evidence that the pandaren love of learning had created epic poems, agriculture, and medicine.

The Thunder King saw great potential in the pandaren, and for this reason he did not trust them.

After he conquered the land, the pandaren were forbidden to learn to read or write. Their leaders and philosophers were executed. All pandaren art and literature was burned. Anyone caught speaking anything but the mogu tongue was considered to be a conspirator, a charge often punished with death.

All of the work of the earliest pandaren artists and writers has been lost forever.

Ages later, other great pandaren scholars would be born… but the language they spoke was not truly their own.

Комментарий от Mazzah69

This sort of treatment Lei Shen has done, and the title «The Pandaren Problem» has me to believe tha this could be a grisly reference to the Holocaust.

Jewish people had great potential in Germany but were used as a scapegoat and severely stereotyped to be «untrustworthy».

Burning all of their culture (Kristallnacht), philosopher’s executed, «conspiracy», burning of artwork, all sounds a lot like the Holocaust’s chain of events.

Комментарий от Eostre

It’s located by the head of the fallen statue, easy to miss if you aren’t specifically looking for it.

Комментарий от mysgydid

So I decided to get these objectives tonight. Out doing my bit for Wrathion and all. The scuttle shell is AMAZING! I love blizzard for this. I used Far Sight on my shaman to scout where it was and then started panicking. I was wearing a scuttle shell and just decided to run for it. The ally didn’t even look at me. Super useful if you’re a completionist like me. =D

Комментарий от Goatmon

This one makes me sad. 🙁


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