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Вов всепоглощающий мрак – Всепоглощающий мрак — NPC — World of Warcraft

РАЗЫСКИВАЕТСЯ: Всепоглощающий мрак — Задание

Комментарий от GeekTactics

Cave entrance is at 55,44, go into the cave to a ledge filled with a semi-circle of candles, then click to «blow them out». If you complete quests Wax On, Wax Off and Candle to the Grave given by Oenia Skyhorn first, then the Kobolds in the area will be friendly to you.

Комментарий от yoco68

This is inside a cave named «Candle Rock», with its entrance just east of Skyhorn. There is an event high up the mountain at the same location as the quest indicator, but that is completely unrelated to this quest.

Touch the 6 green candles to spawn the Devouring Darkness (Всепоглощающий мрак). Beware its debuffs that absorb healing effects.

Комментарий от varenne

Devouring Darkness is at 54.4, 41.2 in Крутогорье. You have to go East from Skyhorn down the mountain, you’ll find an area with cobolds and Candl Rock cave (55.2, 44.3), Всепоглощающий мрак is inside the cave, there is an area with 5 candles, turning them off will spawn rare.
He’s a part of Искатель приключений в Крутогорье achievement, has a chance to drop Туфли Бездны, Слава доблестного героя.

For TomTom users:
/way Highmountain 54.4, 41.2 Devouring Darkness
/way Highmountain 55.2, 44.3 Cave to Devouring Darkness

Комментарий от drewbster

This boss spawns Chaos Gates which spit out imps that will overwhelm you quickly.


Seriously, if you have decent AoE, PLEASE use it, those adds can’t be ignored.

Комментарий от Doloria

If you have neutral status with the Bluewax Kobolds you’ll automatically find yourself wearing a Bluewax mask when you are near the Candle Rock cave entrance in the Sepulcher of the Sky area (a graveyard) near the Skyhorn flight point. This area isn’t on a cliff top, it’s in a grassy valley. For those without coordinates, the entrance is located under the dot in the quest exclamation mark (!).

The mask is your disguise. The icon appears near the mini-map.

If you are neutral with the Bluewax Kobolds, don’t kill them as they consider you a friend. You can interact with them (see the conversations in my other post). They don’t drop the candles you’re looking for.

The candles you seek are a ring of lit candles in a semi-circle on the floor — in an alcove. From the cave entrance walk down the ramp and bear right. The first room you’ll come upon is marked with symbols on a stone but it belongs to the Свечной король. Continue. The alcove is to your right where the torch lit ramp starts. Snuff out the candles to summon Всепоглощающий мрак.


Личное дело — Задание — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от toilsomepuppy

This quest is currently doable on beta but requires a friend for Hertha Grimdottir, just talk to her and let your friend kill her while in a party 🙂 as for theryssia you just need some luck on your side for her tombstone to be clickable and able to spawn her

Комментарий от Nynaeve

Всепоглощающий мрак — located in Candle Rock, a Kobold cave to the east of Skyhorn, in Highmountain. The closest flightpath is Skyhorn, Highmountain.
You summon this guy by extinguishing the nearby candles.
Эния Небесный Рог is nearby with quests relevant to the cave, if you’ve not yet done them.

Герта Гримдоттир — located alone in a tiny cave east of the N in Crimson Thicket, in Northern Suramar. I hadn’t yet done much or Suramar, so there may be closer FPs, but I flew to Lorna’s Watch in Stormheim and followed the road south into Suramar.
Does not need to be summoned.

Териссия — located just North of Т’рель Лунный Клинок in the graveyard surrounding Black Rook Hold. following the road from Bradensbrook across the water and up to Black Rook Hold. The closest FP is Bradensbrook, Val’Sharah.

You summon her by clicking on the Plaque on her huge gravestone.
There are many quests in the area surrounding Black Rook Hold.
Note: this mob is currently a bit broken in beta, and only a chosen few can sometimes summon her.

Комментарий от Mzbehavin

the devouring darkness is part of the demon hunter quest chain. he can be found inside candle rock cave. coords 55/44 as you go up the ramp there is a alcove on your right ( just pass the entrance with the wooden gate) with a bunch of candles on the ground, touch each one to extinguish the flames and this will summon the devouring darkness

Комментарий от Boobah

You may have killed these rares already; if so, despite the fact that the game keeps track of this fact, you still have to hunt them down

Комментарий от PandaRiot

The plaque you need to click on for Theryssia is located at: 37.96, 52.81

Комментарий от coltrane73

This wasn’t obvious to me but this quest requires you to be level 110. I completed Working with the Wardens by level 107 and was a bit stumped trying to figure out why the follow up wasn’t available.

Комментарий от vlaka

tedious quest with little to no direction or explanation.
Was looking around in the cave to extinguish candles and couldn’t interact with anything.

Комментарий от Pallipwns

Yet another example of being punished for doing things before hand, I killed each & everyone of these rares already before I even hit 110 & got the quest. :/ What a waste of time.

Комментарий от Shurai

Yet another #$%^ for directions quest that leave you wasting lots of time hunting for a way to get to these dumb targets

Комментарий от VijoPlaysOnYT

This is the first quest that you need to kill rares in!
Obviously World Quests tell you to do that too, but this is the first normal quest that tell you to do so.

Комментарий от WitchKing

For Hertha Grimdottir, I found it easiest to fly to Ironhorn Enclave and then glide down to the East (left) to Crimson Thicket in Suramar. Grab the Flight Path there and then Hertha is in a cave to the West.

For those that have not picked up the Flight Path at Ironhorn Enclave, here are some directions from various other comments:

  1. Start in Thunder Totem. Go to the southeast on the main platform, where the platform intersects the mountain. (If you go into the Hammer’s Cradle inn and look out the door, you’ll be facing the direction you need to go.)
  2. Follow the trail up the hill. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll see a bridge and a direction pole. Do not cross the bridge. Instead, turn right toward Highmountain Peak; there’s a small path that follows the river. (Watch out for basilisks!)
  3. Continue following the path across the bridge until you reach Summitcrest Basecamp, a little ways up the mountain.
  4. Turn left (so you’re facing almost due east). You’ll see a path up the side of the mountain, marked with a kite and a pair of flag ropes. Follow that path. Several times, the path will turn into a trail cut through snow deeper than your character is tall; keep following it. Use the rope guides to orient yourself if you’re not sure where to go next.
  5. Near the top, you’ll come in sight of a bridge. Keep following the path until you reach Frosthoof Watch, then cross the bridge. (The winds look intense, but won’t actually move your character.)
  6. The path returns to snow-cut trails here. It diverges shortly after you get off the bridge, with a large trail leading down the mountain and a small, shallow trail leading up. Take the trail going down (northeast).
  7. You’ll reach a totem pole on the right with flag ropes and a kite. The rope guides appear to stop here, but the trail continues around the totem pole to the southwest. (You’ll see a couple more rope guides when you round the corner.)
  8. Continue down to Ironhorn Enclave.

Don’t forget to get the Ironhorn Enclave flight path while you’re there! It’s across the river and up the hill a little. (If you face east, you can see the rope guides leading up and the hide walls surrounding the flight master.)

Комментарий от mncristy

The candles to extinguish that will spawn Всепоглощающий мрак are located in a cove inside the Candle Rock cave. Enter cave run down to huge opening stay to the right. Pass a chair then a fence (or large opening if you have done the quests already in the cave) as you make your way up, keep to the right! The cove is on the right. I missed it a few times making my way to the top.


Wow Всепоглощающий Мрак

World of Warcraft. Задание — Личное дело

Выполняю задание для Артефакта (Кампания охотника на демонов) Я считаю, что со Стражей причитается за все…

9 หลายเดือนก่อน


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