Реликвии древних эредаров вовхед – Реликвии древних эредаров — Задание

Реликвии древних эредаров — Задание


Комментарий от dstmars

Does anyone know what do with this quest? My Champions are all at 900, but i don’t see any new xp bar added to their details page.

Комментарий от vrizzt

This quest is not available for me, anyone can help me to know why? i already done the before quest

Комментарий от Talboth

Edit: This may no longer be true. I only know that on my main when Argus first launched, I did not get ANY quests or progression in regards to equipment upgrades until after I did the Seat Of The Triumverate dungeon. Maybe this was because Argus was behind a weekly gated progression when I first did it and now, since Argus is not weekly gated, you can simply soar through. I am only conveying what happened on my main the first week this unlocked.

The equipment upgrades become available only AFTER you have done the Seat Of The Triumverate dungeon.

Alleria will then give you a quest to do a champion quest.

Комментарий от Gobbledegoook

So here’s what I have so far for everyone:

I finished the Mac’Ree quest line yesterday on my Hunter, Druid, DK and Priest in that order. Did mythic Seat on all four. Did my DH today. Doing Shammy and Warrior tomorrow probably.

A couple hours ago two missions opened up on my hunter:
Relics of Ascendancy
Ancestral Arms

Only one showed up on my druid:
Armor of the Erodar

Nothing yet for my DK, so one can only conclude that this is strictly time based.

If I were you, I would finish Seat, send your champions on something shorter than 18hrs or so, and new missions should be up for you after that.

Комментарий от Scandalone

When you get to this point in the questline you can «buy» 10 Argussian Reach rep for 900 order resource by buying the new follower(Void-Purged Krokul) and then deleting them from your bag and doing it again.

Might not be worth it for everyone but i was at 500k resources at this point.

Комментарий от Ossz

A random mission called: Armor of the Eredar Комплект доспехов Мак’Ари will pop up in your mission list. This will reward Mac’Aree Armor Set raise follower to 925 Комплект доспехов Мак’Ари will take roughly 2-3 weeks to get all six upgraded. Mission may not appear in your list right away.

Комментарий от Rebdull

This might be a coincidence but I got restless waiting for the mission to pop and thought maybe if I started all of the champion equipment missions it would come up. Sure enough it did. Either you can force it or rnjesus is playing a cruel joke on me.

Комментарий от matt4077

18 hours and not one follower quest for Relics of the Ancient Eredar has appeared. Reputation limits possibly? I’m revered with Army of Light and Honored with The Arg Reach.

Комментарий от matt4077

18 hours and no follower quest have appeared. Reputation gated?

Комментарий от siubosn

Anyone notice yet that the Horde’s version only has «Raise 6 champions…» What happened to the «Raise 6 followers…» Part?
OH my bad they combine in ur log book LOL

Комментарий от Eighjan

Curious — does the availability of any Missions to provide these 925 upgrade tokens coincide with a Realm Reset… or a ‘fixed time’ gate…?

Комментарий от BrightBrown

One disconcerting thing… got one of my champions ugraded to 925, but the quest does not show something like 1/5 like they ususlly do. Even tried turning tracking ON so it appears in my objectives list, same thing. Sloppy work on Blizz part…

Комментарий от hixym

i rly wonderer why my meatball champion was 905 ilvl…

Комментарий от vlaka

oh yay because we didn’t have enough time gated progression and content throughout this expansion >.>
Now we need to wait what seems to be a weekly reset just to upgrade one follower…

Комментарий от jpptheinsane

Leads to Разгон Темной Стражи

Комментарий от alpanhell

A lot of the answers here are misleading. Once you finish Престол Триумвирата: Венец Познания and you socket the Венец Познания and turn in the quest Velen will walk back to the Navigation Console and only then will Аллерия Ветрокрылая «magically» appear to give out the quest Руины Оранаара. So weirdly you have to wait till Velen walks back.

The mission «Inches from Madness» related to the quest Руины Оранаара will immediately show up in your mission list. Once you finish that mission you turn Руины Оранаара into Аллерия Ветрокрылая and you will get this quest.

Once you get this quest the associated missions will appear for your followers. I’ve never had them appear right away, like all the missions they will use rng and appear randomly. So you just have to wait for them.

Just an fyi that the quest after this is Разгон Темной Стражи which should cause the associated mission to pop up immediately.

Комментарий от Lexi1834

Completed Approx 6 hours prior to this post. Seemed to get around 1 925 armor token per day.

Leads to Разгон Темной Стражи/shadowguard-dispersion

Which leads to Палки в колеса военной машины Легиона (Requires you to be on the Antoran Waste’s version of The Vincidcaar to start the quest for some reason.)

Both follow-up quests require the completion of a class hall mission rewarding an epic AP token.

I believe the next step will be upgrading 6 followers to 950 using epic tokens, and should unlock the epic (and legendary?) follower items added with 7.3

Комментарий от Mimsy

It’s Tuesday, 9/19/2017, and I have not yet received a single instance of the class hall mission to get an upgrade, despite having the quest for a week now. I’ve been looking multiple times a day, and nothing has spawned yet. Has anyone else encountered this?

Комментарий от fireoasis

This helped me. Go to your mission log and complete any and all ‘rare’ missions you have. Even if you do not plan to do the quest/raid/whatever. Once the rares are gone new ones cycle in. I did this and got the missions immed. Good luck!

Комментарий от Gyrospark

Here is a list of quests in chronological order and rewards/unlocks related to your order hall for 7.3 (does not include AP rewards)
Prerequisite quest Пылающее сердце (This prerequisite quest also unlocks Локальные задания в Крокууне and Локальные задания в пустошах Анторуса)

Комментарий от grafspe806

Is the only way to upgrade followers by getting some tokens from a rare mission ?

Комментарий от Taoma

Leads to Перехват инициативы 🙁

Комментарий от Lusaki

If you should have problems to hand in the quest, like i had…. Make sure that the Vindicaar is over Mac Aree, otherwise Alleria is just ignoring you 🙂

Комментарий от Lavandra

It appears that, in order to get one of the 925 upgrade quests for your followers, you must first complete another follower quest called «Ancestral Arms.» This is NOT a 925 upgrade but rather you obtain yet another kind of follower token for improvement in their questing tasks. I didn’t do the Ancestral Arms quest the first couple of days it showed up in the log and then decided it might be a bread crumb to the 925 upgrade. This has been the case on two of my girls so far. Even if you don’t want the follower improvement token, try completing Ancestral Arms and see if that doesn’t open up one of the various 925 upgrade events.

Комментарий от Eillesthis

Previous: Руины Оранаара
Next: Разгон Темной Стражи

Комментарий от ThreePipes

As of 20 mins ago, all 7 of my followers are now 925, and still I have not yet seen the quest Relics of the Ancient Eredar. Two of my other characters got the quest first then the gear, then turned in the quest. But this one, has never seen the quest, so never abandoned it or anything like that. All 3 have done the same things as far as initial requirements.

Комментарий от Tequima

Is there a way to find out if you have done this quest or not? I usually go through doing quests in alt-order, but because this chain is so long I may have missed a step on my mage. I can’t see any quests on any of the three Vindicar’s. It has been over a week since I cleared her quest log (bar one Kara quest, a First Aid quest and the weekly invasion point/Argunite quests) and still no 925 missions.
Edit: I resorted to travelling down to Mac’Aree and noticed a quest on the map (part hidden by the Star marking a rare), for Длинная тень. No idea why I missed it, probably an IRL interrupt! So if like me there’s no ship quests and you aren’t sure, travel down to check there’s not a quest on the map anywhere.

Комментарий от mindaz3

It seems lots of people doing a mistake by waiting a day or two thinking they will get a mission for armor upgrade. The thing is, Argus missions refreshes every 6 hours of your last login. So, in order to maximize your chances of getting the mission you want, you need to login every 6 hours if possible to trigger a mission reset and roll on a new mission list.

Комментарий от Apolloshot

I have not seen any of these quests since the pre-patch on my hunter alt, and I’ve been checking fairly frequently. I’m either incredibly unlucky or it’s currently bugged and the missions are not appearing since 8.0.1.

It took nearly five days, finally got one today on Monday. Maybe it was bugged and fixed or I was just incredibly unlucky, but seems to be working.


Появление Пылающего Легиона. Часть 1 / World of Warcraft

Они существуют, чтобы уничтожать. Весь космос и все в нем — средство для достижения цели, и этой целью является исчезновение самого существования — все миры голые, или разрушенные. Все, что живет — умирает.  В рядах пылающего Легиона изверги, пользующиеся развращенностью смертных сердец, смакующие медленную деградации тех, кто охотно подписывает договор, но в конце концов, целью Легиона является цель его хозяина  —  это уничтожение всего.

Легион приносил разруху везде, где останавливался. Всего навсего один мир пережил нападение Великой Пылающий Тьмы: бедный, измученный, разоренный войной мир — Азерот. Уже дважды тень Легиона падала на мир смертных, и все же, в то время, как гораздо более могущественные существа, боги и полубоги, вставали на пути Легиона и падали от их мощи, Азероту удалось найти способ предотвратить вторжение и не один раз, а дважды. За это единственное различие, Азерот заработал не угасающую вражду с Легионом.

Вопрос не в том, вернется ли Легион снова. Вопрос когда. И мы уже знаем ответ на этот вопрос.

Как это почти неиссякаемое множество нигилистической ненависти и скверны возникло? Каковы хозяева Пылающего Легиона и почему они пустились в этот крестовый поход, дабы уничтожить все сущее? 

В какой-то момент, более чем двадцать пять тысяч лет назад, чемпион Пантеона, доблестный титан по имени Саргерас, сильнейший воитель, посвятивший свою жизнь борьбе с демонами в Великой запредельной тьме, понял, что его вечная миссия по защите творений его товарищей не имеет никакого смысла, потому что весь космос был бессмысленной и дурацкой шуткой.


 Саргерас был очень красивым ваниром, его отличительной чертой во внешности была очень приятная форма лица, не один Титан женского пола пал от чар чемпиона.У него были длинные золотистые волосы, а его бронзовая кожа полыхала огнём, которая не обжигала союзников, а врагов беспощадно заставляла биться в агонии. В руках Саргерас сжимал свой длинный меч — Горшалач, Тёмный Воздаятель. Так же, как и другие, он был честен и справедлив, он не мог найти примирения с чистым злом  

Однажды, Саргерас ощутил потоки ужасающий энергии, тянувшиеся из самых удаленных уголков бескрайнего космоса. Незамедлительно прибыв на место, его взору предстала омерзительная картина. Огромная, холодная, почерневшая и почти безжизненная планета, а правят ей некто Древние Боги.

Запустив щупальца в самое сердце планеты они оскверняли ее. Через несколько минут раздумий Саргерас осознал, что это не просто планета, а молодой зарождающийся титан, такой же как он. Охваченный отвращением, ненавистью и страхом Титан сжал в руке свой меч и одним ударом разрубил планету надвое, уничтожив Древних Повелителей  и своего собрата.

И тогда им овладела идея — жизнь нужно спасти от Повелителей Бездны, и единственный выход — это всецело уничтожить жизнь . Ибо безжизненный космос лучше, чем управляемый этими тварями.

Так как Титаны отказались понимать Саргераса, он решил форсировать события — он обратит в ничто их работу во Вселенной. Он уничтожит всю жизнь. Он создаст великую армию, которая повергнет всю вселенную в пламя. Теперь ему нужна была армия, и он прекрасно знал, где можно её найти. 

Во времена своих вечных скитаний по бескрайней пустоте, и истребляя несметные полчища бессмертных демонов, Титан создал тюрьму, которая могла бы сдерживать все зло космоса, и дал ей название — Мардум. За столетия охоты, тюрьма ломилась от рогатых, безобразных и коварных существ.


Даже внешний вид Саргераса исказился от того разложения, которое отравило его когда-то благородное сердце. Его глаза, волосы, и борода превратились в пламя, его бронзовая кожа раскололась, чтобы открыть бесконечную печь, горящую ненавистью  

Не раздумывая, он, одним мощным ударом, разорвал узы древней тюрьмы и высвободил бурлящую, разрушительную скверну и всё обитающее там веками зло. Видя всю мощь и яростное стремление Павшего Титана, хитрые Натризимы и прочие демоны Круговерти Пустоты с радостью согласились подчиниться и служить. Теперь он имел внушительную армию. Все, в чем теперь нуждался Саргерас, это военачальники для его очищающего шествия.


Высокие демоны с белой кожей, крупными рогами, огромными крыльями за спиной, копытами и большими, острыми когтями. Родиной их является подконтрольный Легиону пылающий мир Ксорот. Эти демоны по природе коварные, лживые существа. Словно кукловоды они способны порабощать умы других существ, заствляя их делать то, что они хотят, даже если жертва уверена, что это она так хочет поступать, не подозревая, что кто-то ‘дергает за ниточки’  

Прибытие на Аргус

На Аргусе существовала раса Эредаров. Долгожители, магически одаренная раса, которая не раз видела подъем и падение цивилизации и хранила секреты, которые даже они в полной мере не могли понять, такие как Кристалл Ата’мала, реликвия настолько священная и древняя, что только три члена правящего триумвирата Аргуса имели доступ к ним. Именно к этим мудрым и сильным триумвирам : Архимонду, Кил’джедену и Велену — явился Саргерас.

Он предложил им знания о космосе и силы, достаточные для его изучения в полной мере. И надо сказать, он сдержал свое обещание. Первые двое упомянутых признали всепоглащающую силу и интеллект богоподобного существа перед ними. Велен, тоже понял, что если Саргерас был не богом, он вполне мог быть чем-то большим чем бог. Но его собственный дар пророчества подсказывал ему не доверять предложению Титана. Дабы развеять сомнения Велен оправился к Кристаллу Ата’мала, который расширял сознание и даровал видения. Прикоснувшись, он увидел ужасающую картину : эредарам даруется огромная власть за счет их здравого смысла и знаний почерпнутых от самого Темного Титана, их души будут извращенны неумолимой ненавистью ко всему сущему, они станут мерзкими монстрами, которые убивают так же легко, как и дышат.

Убой,сожжение, уничтожающий все след, исчезновение космоса стало плотью в образе Саргераса. Испугавшись неизбежного, Велен бежал с Аргуса с помощью сил На’ару, прихватив с собой великую реликвию и группу преданных ему эредаров. Вполне вероятно, что Саргерас даже не заметил, и, вероятно, не был заинтересован в том, что бы он пришел. Большинство расы были теперь в его воле, служа в качестве офицерского состава. Кил’джеден был выбран Титаном для поисков самой темной расы и вербовки их в его ряды. Архимонд, выделен на роль главнокомандующего огромной машины, что будет истреблять целые армии смертных, не покорившихся воле полубога.

Со временем множество разных демонов, бесов, суккубов, повелителей преисподней, инферналов присоединилось к огромной машине смерти. Происхождение многих из них,  таких как Стражники Рока,  не известно до сих пор. 

Легион нападал на бесчисленное количество миров, пока не обнаружил Азерот, его привлекла невероятная сила Колодца Вечности, и с того самого времени Саргерас всячески старается подчинить себе волю смертных, совращая их души, обещая безграничные знания и могущество. Не мало живущих когда — либо на Азероте, были подвержены влиянию Темного Титана и искали способ посодействовать вторжению. 

Но все попытки его тщетны, существуют на Азероте еще великие воины  и волшебники, чистые сердцем, способные сдерживать всю мощь армии Темного Титана.

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Three statues inside a cave located at 28.35 74.29 in Talador, it’s a cave on the outside on the mountain towards the water. There is a path up to the cave from the water.

Turn all the three statues so they face the empty block in the middle and a treasure chest will spawn with a ring in it Перстень-печатка Гес’таала

Комментарий от Vesla

They need to be turned 360 degrees so they face out again, away from the stone slab, like they were when they started.

Комментарий от Mcbirdi

3 ancient statues giving you a ring belonging to a being named Gehs’taal…is this a Final Fantasy 6 reference?

Комментарий от gt86guy

The path that leads up there is at 27.27, 75.88

Комментарий от Munee

Allow me to be the first to post that after clicking each of the three statues twice, so they all faced the altar in the center, the chest spawned, the ring was inside, and the statues became inactive. Not sure why I am the only one so far to walk in with the statues facing out and walk out with them facing in.

On a side note, I believe the name Gehs’taal originated off of some Dutch word origin. I am guessing that perhaps gehs is just an article, like a or the, but if anyone out there can harness the power of The Google and see if there is any actual complete thought in this name, that would be neat. Perhaps taal means «worthless piece of gear» because I entered this cave at level 99. So with an ilvl of 563, this ring did me no good….lol

I crossed out my attempt at sounding semi-intelligent. Gehs is NOT and article and doesn’t come from the Dutch. Taal, of course, is someone whose height is above another’s height. See? I’m not as think as you dumb I am. I feel sooooo vindicated. Thanks for the correction.

Комментарий от varenne

Here is fast video how you can get Gift of the Ancients: http://youtu.be/IqCeYEL0gKA

Комментарий от Vad13

3 statues on 28,74. Rotate them and you’ll get Перстень-печатка Гес’таала

Update: There are some random variants of right rotation, I’ve seen:

  1. All statues faces to center
  2. All statues faces away from center
  3. Left and center statues faces away from center and right statue has the same direction as central.

Комментарий от Brienna

I sat in this silly cave for 15 minutes spinning these statues around. it finally worked with the two side statues facing away from the center and the back statue facing to the left.

Комментарий от shylee

Upon looting the chest, the statues will become unclickable. However, if you the chest despawns before you get a chance to loot it, you will still be able to click and rotate the statues.

What worked for me the first time was all statues facing away from the center. I took my time and the chest despawned. Then, they spawned the chest again, when I made them all face the center.

Комментарий от jadrianz

When I entered the cave all the statues were facing out from the pad. After rotating them 360* so they were all facing out again, the chest appeared. After looting the chest they all turned to face inward.

Комментарий от Monarran

I spent 5 minutes going through every variation of them. I finally landed on Left Statue facing Left, Center Statue facing Left, and Right Statue facing Right. Almost reminded me of Zelda, lol.

Комментарий от Necropenguin

If you fail to loot the Перстень-печатка Гес’таала before the Дар древних despawns -which does happen very quickly- the Signet Ring will be mailed to you.

Комментарий от kiiabby

If you’re coming along the coastline, there are a couple of little boats by the path you need to take.

When I walked into the cave, the statues were all facing out. I turned each one so they faced in, and the treasure appeared. Easy.

Комментарий от JoserraGamin

In this short video you can see how did I get it. I show the cave entrance spot and the process of turning the statues to get Gift of the Ancients that contains Перстень-печатка Гес’таала

Комментарий от Palisis

This objective is probably a Doctor Who reference, particularly the weeping angels from the popular episode «Blink» where the angels become stone when faced with one another. The icing on the cake is that when you complete the objective and box appears glowing in deep blue light—a nod to the Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS, which in the same episode was surrounded by the angels.

Комментарий от Kalistomyraid

For sure a nod to the «Warring Triad» of FFVI; the ring, another obvious nod to FFVI and Gestahl, kind of cements the idea that this is what the reference is.

Комментарий от dreamchaos1

pretty sure Ive tried every possible angle, but nah, these statues hate me.

Комментарий от Zidane3838

/way Talador 27.77 75.61 Cave Entrance
/way Talador 28.39 74.19 Gift of the Ancients

Either face the statues towards the slab or away from the slab.

Комментарий от Esploratore

If this can be of help, spent a lot of time getting frustrated trying all possible combos, then I got the idea: what if my realm’s statues are bugged? I joined a kazzak (world boss, not the realm) group, got transferred to a different realm, statues changed position so that none of them faced the middle, so I turned them all towards the middle and it worked. Seems like sometimes realms might bug the statue, so switching realms you can get a different combo of statues which might work for you.

Комментарий от selkie47

The HandyNotes note read to turn the statues away from the center block so I tried that but to no avail. I then decided to turn them toward the block. That worked.

Комментарий от plokmijn12

Requires level 94 to loot.

Комментарий от Malachi68

As of today 2015-12-12, the statues definitely need to face inward towards the slab. All other advice concerning the number of turns is secondary.

Hope that helps. 😉

Комментарий от ImbaHunter

Gift of the Ancients — https://youtu.be/CNvS5lGA7MQ

Комментарий от dirtycajunrice

I had to face all of my statues to the right (if the opening of the cave is behind you). I am starting to think its random

Комментарий от Xladian

From the entrannce point of veiwe i had the left one turned towards the back of the room while both middle and rightside facing the empty block. This seems very bugged 😛


Последняя реликвия Аргуса — Заклинание


Комментарий от paddymew

Jessera dropped his relic? So he is a paladin after all!

Комментарий от garhyde

Mac’Aree was the most sacred of the cities on Argus according to Jessera of Mac’Aree. It supposedly held walkways which were lined with precious minerals and rivers which glittered even in complete darkness. Jessera thinks that this might have been as long as ten thousand years ago, although we know it may have been as much as 25,000 years ago, indicating that he has lived at least that long and still appears to be of prime age.

It is unclear what has since happened to Mac’Aree. It may depend on what has happened to the planet as a whole.

Source: http://www.wowwiki.com/Mac’Aree

Комментарий от themguyman

ne1 know what this does

Комментарий от ViceVersa

One of the rare tier items in Draenei Archaeology.
Requires 130 Draenei Archaeology Fragments.
Rewards: The Last Relic of Argus
Keystone: Draenei Tome
On use teleports you to a random place.
  • Wetlands: Shattered Dam
  • Desolace: Slitherblade Shore
  • Ungoro: Galakka Hot Springs
  • Badlands: Crypt
  • Silithus: Hive’Zora
  • Western Plaguelands: Mardenholde Keep
  • Tanaris: Steamwheedle Port
  • Badlands: Fuselight by the Sea
  • Hellfire Peninsula: Rock near Dark Portal
  • Blasted Lands: The Tainted Forest
  • Duskwood: Dawning Wood Catacombs
  • The Cape of Stranglethorn: Janeiro’s Point
  • The Northern Barrens: Wailing Caverns
  • Searing Gorge: Iron Summit
  • Wetlands: Black Channel Marsh
  • Moonglade: Nighthaven
  • Western Plaguelands: Scholomance
  • Northern Stranglethorn: The Sundering
  • Blasted Lands: West Mountain
  • Diremaul: Broken Commons
  • Northern Barrens: Fray Island
  • Tanaris: Lost Rigger Cove
  • Felwod: Irontree Woods
  • Badlands: Scar of the Worldbreaker
  • Arathi Highlands: Dabyrie’s Farmstead

Common tier Draenei items:
Strange Silver Paperweight
Anklet with Golden Bells
Scepter of the Nathrezim
Fine Crystal Candleabra
Dignified Portrait
Plated Elekk Goad
Baroque Sword Scabbard
Carved Harp of Exotic Wood

Rare tier Draenei items:
The Last Relic of Argus
Arrival of the Naaru

Комментарий от yesya

I long for Mac’Donalds

Комментарий от FarseerLolotea

All accurate.

However, Wowwiki is flooded with spam and ads, possibly now unsafe, and above all defunct. Here is the page at Wowpedia, its successor site.

Комментарий от Pertinacious

WoWWiki is most certainly not defunct. If you have a problem providing ad revenue to the sites you visit just get the Firefox AdBlock plug-in.

Sure, WoWPedia is a great place to find information ripped directly from WoWWiki.

Комментарий от Karnadas

The information is not «Ripped» from wowwiki. The founders of wowwiki transferred their database to Wowpedia to get away from the wiki sites. IT IS NOT A RIP, IT IS A TRANSFER.

Комментарий от borbes

Not the place for this discussion.

Комментарий от Hexilion

No wonder the rum is always gone!

Комментарий от dooser

Its not a rip or a transfer. It is the same data / people / server. Some people just like the old wiki look instead of the new Wikkia look.

It is just a skin.

Комментарий от uriahworld

Video Link of The Last Relic of Argus:

Комментарий от reebevoli

Just dug this up and tried it…teleported me from Outland to a small crypt in The Badlands….whether that is the destination all the time remains to be seen.

Комментарий от CamperCarl00

It ported me right next to a rare spawn in Tanaris, Twisted Reflection of Narain. It would be cool if instead of random places, this item actually ported you next to rare spawns that were currently spawned in Azeroth.

Комментарий от gamemaster3000

Do you only have to have 300 skill to unlock this?

Комментарий от UndeadKnight

I got this find at 295 archaeology so 300 isn’t the required skill needed

Комментарий от Anise

This showed up in my queue at 350.

Комментарий от BanicRhys

I find the 12 hour cooldown a bit steep for an item with such a glaring drawback.

Комментарий от HealerGarrick

I find many of the cd on archaeology items to be prohibitive to their intent, ie «fun». I am hoping that Blizzard was just being over-cautious to prevent abuse and will revisit the cd times on these items.

Комментарий от Averland

The first time I used this item it ported me to inside the large goblin statue outside Booty Bay Harbor. It can be cast while in combat but is interrupted if you take damage. HOWEVER, being a palladin, the 3 second cast time actually allows me to BUBBLE/HEARTH…or bubble/port if you prefer…once every 12 hours! LOVE IT!

Комментарий от LeNoir

Thanks for wasting even more time and space informing us of that mother.

Комментарий от jeffburke79

this item ported me from the obelisk of the moon in uldum tothe inside of the staute in front of booty bay, janeiro’s isle or whatever it’s called. i like this item. fun stuff.

Комментарий от Jaarden

Just wanted to add that I got teleported to the very peak of «Iron Summit». Cord. 39.40,66.97.
It was a great view. I recommend you stay for a moment and ponder, if you get there.

Комментарий от CelestialNova

I want this item SO badly…

Комментарий от Feraligono

«Teleports you exactly where you want to go… if you aren’t too picky.»

Reminds me of Dirk Gently…

«I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often I end up somewhere that I needed to be.»

Комментарий от JamesFKirk

A question that must interest every paladin out there:
Can this be used in combat while under the effect of Divine Shield? 😉

Комментарий от rodmin

Allow me to awnser the question.
Me, a paladin of the Earthen Ring (EU), have attempted to use the DS, followed by this relic, while being faced by 4 angry demons.


Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why this relic has a cooldown of 12 hours is because it can be used with DS.

This is our new current bubble-hearth! Live it, breath it, enjoy it, for it will probably be removed later on!

Комментарий от Teiwazgod

Paladin cast bubble …
Paladin thinks to himself I have to get out of here and fast..
Paladin Pulls out The Last Relic of Argus and uses it.
Big flash of light ….
Zoning into Orgrimmar
Paladin wipes his eye and see’s Thrall staring at him….
Thrall snort’s at the paladin
Thrall in Say: hhhmm.. oh what do we have here, another visitor from the alliance
Thrall smashes Paladin before he can even blink.
Thrall breathes a sigh of relief as he eye’s the The Last Relic of Argus in the dead paladin hands
Thrall Yell’s at Vol’Jin: Go fetch me Belloc Brightblade!
Vol’Jin Bow’s to Thrall
Belloc Brightblade say’s: Another Draenie relic?
Thrall glances at Belloc Brightblade
Thrall rips The Last Relic of Argus from dead paladin hands smashes it into 130 pieces.
Thrall dusts his hands off
Thrall say’s to Vol’Jin: You known what to do.
Vol’Jin say’s: Yes my Lord.
Vol’Jin starts picking up the pieces and hands them over to Belloc Brightblade
Thrall say’s: make sure to spread the pieces across the land again.
Belloc Brightblade: Wonder if they will ever figure it out.
Belloc Brightblade starts Laughing
Thrall Roars in laughter …

Комментарий от ibechief

When cast via The Last Relic of Argus:

I have used this item 186 times with these results.

  • 9 x (28.7, 57.6): Silithus
  • 6 x (18.7, 24.8): Duskwood
  • 6 x (69.6, 87.8): Wetlands
  • 10 x (32.3, 22.7): Desolace
  • 12 x (33.2, 56.2): Ungoro
  • 8 x (51.9, 34.2): Badlands
  • 11 x (42.3, 15.0): Western Plaguelands
  • 7 x (64.5, 20.0): Tanaris
  • 10 x (89.9, 36.3): Badlands
  • 7 x (97.5, 47.1): Hellfire Peninsula
  • 7 x (78.0, 91.6): Northern Barrens
  • 6 x (69.7, 47.9): Tanaris
  • 8 x (53.4, 31.2): Felwod
  • 6 x (45.7, 47.0): Moonglade
  • 10 x (50.9, 36.4): Western Plaguelands
  • 8 x (45.1, 68.4): Northern Stranglethorn
  • 6 x (23.9, 56.4): Badlands
  • 5 x (48.9, 43.8): Arathi Highlands
  • 5 x (33.6, 51.3): Blasted Lands
  • 10 x (35.4, 63.7): The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • 5 x (52.3, 54.9): The Northern Barrens
  • 5 x (39.4, 67.0): Searing Gorge
  • 6 x (23.0, 65.8): Wetlands
  • 5 x (64.7, 55.1): Blasted Lands
  • 8 x (62.5, 28.0): Diremaul

I will update as I find new locations; but I’m confident this is the most accurate list available.

Комментарий от Technowitch

The staff also works when macro’d with the Hunter spell, «Deterrence,» which lasts for 5 seconds. That’s plenty of time to cast the 3 second teleport. For testing, I engaged the Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula, with a bunch of wild boar adds and my pet on Passive.

For what it’s worth, my first teleport was to the hilltop in the Tainted Forest, Blasted Lands.

Personally, for someone who often does Tol Barad, and wanting to get out before that last minute kill-fest, this seems a pretty decent alternative.

Комментарий от Wolvergreen

That’s a borderline understatement lol. Being ported next to rares rates right up there with making rare pets able to be sold to each other.

Комментарий от Wolvergreen

That’s actually good to know (can be used with Deterrence). I’m really glad I stumbled upon that. Thanks for posting it.

Комментарий от Wolvergreen

I didn’t see any other similar comments, so I’ll throw this out there.

One of the places it teleported me, got me killed. It ported me to a rock floating just east of the dark portal in Hellfire Peninsula. While flying to land (a straight path too in fact), I died. I really hate that issue in Outland where you don’t even get a warning of being fatigued.

Комментарий от Ludakeef

Maybe exactly what you wanted was… a better view?

Комментарий от joshcorfield

I have noticed that this usually ports me near where my map is open to at the time I use it.

Комментарий от Accattone

Unlike the dwarves’ heartstone artifact (The Innkeeper’s Daughter — EPIC FAIL),
this a really interesting and rather useful item

A character of mine was teleported to Duskwood’s Dawning Wood Catacombs,
a place i had never been before despite having two Explorers. It also ported
me to the hellfire peninsula rock Wolvergreen mentions in his comment above.
I use the item every day, curious to see the area i’ll be teleported to

Комментарий от Sabretann

This Item actually teleport you to a chest of loot eventually… If you are lucky, you will find a chest inside the statue of the bay in Booty Bay that will contain various items you can sell for a little amount of gold. I got 4 items that I sold for about 500 gold, so a little nice reward for using this item.

Комментарий от Dreadual

When I first used this item, it brought me to Arathi highlands. This is the place I wanted to be to kill a mob for an elemental air. (a component of my Everlook teleporter) Now all I need is goblin rocket fuel…..

Комментарий от QuickBASIC37

Has an uncanny habit of actually taking me where I need to go (or w/in 3000 yards or thereabouts. I know it’s just RNG, but it’s creepy how many times this has gotten me close to my intended destination.

As a Horde Druid, I’ve got plenty of ways to get around Kalimdor (Телепортация: Лунная поляна, fly from Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff, Uldum portal, etc), so it helps that a lot of the destinations are on Eastern Kingdom.


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