Шалдорайский шелк вовхед – Разорванный шал’дорайский шелк — Предмет

Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна — Предмет


Комментарий от Laringar

Nice to see a Legion 30 slot bag, but it’s still easier to just craft Hexweave, especially with needing rank 3 to bring the materials cost down. Unless they make this 32 slots, it’ll probably never get crafted.

Комментарий от Rossmallo

Um…What? This seems like a truly pointless bag, as the mats are expensive and Hexweave is easy as hell to get.


Комментарий от Vtro

Why on earth is this not a 32 slot bag. The extra 2 slots are just greyed out in a 30 slot bag anyways, it takes the same amount of space and the 30 slot one was last expansion. This makes no sense. Give us our 32!

Комментарий от zharshoul

ill just keep hexweaving.. thanks blizz

(posted at a time when hexweave bag from draenor expansion was a 30 slot bag) (assuming that imbued silkweave has not been buffed to a 32 slotter or had its material requirements nerfed drastically)

Комментарий от Nynaeve

Currently, this bag is a 30-slot bag, just like Сумка из волшебной ткани, giving it no discernible advantage over the recipe for Сумка из волшебной ткани unless you’re drowning in Legion mats and/or can’t be bothered to obtain Warlords mats.

I do hope they change Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна to a 32-slot container for two reasons:
1. It gives it more desirability
2. I can’t be the only one who hates it when the bags’ slots aren’t divisible by 4.

Currently a Портной Легиона-made item requiring different amounts of mats dependent upon recipe rank.

If the recipes stay the same as they currently are on 7.1 PTR:

Rank 1: Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна — Возвращение в Каражан: теория большой сумки
100 Прочное шелковое полотно
20 Рунное волокно
10 Кровь Саргераса

Rank 2: Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна — Выкройка: сумка из прочного шелкового полотна random drop random World Quest after Возвращение в Каражан: теория большой сумки
75 Прочное шелковое полотно
15 Рунное волокно
8 Кровь Саргераса

Rank 3: Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна — Звездный авгур Этрей
60 Прочное шелковое полотно
10 Рунное волокно
8 Кровь Саргераса

Unless they give this bag two more slots…
Сумка из прочного шелкового полотна has the same amount of slots as Сумка из волшебной ткани.
They have two more slots than the Королевская сумка, a tailor-made item requiring 12 Императорский шелк, and also two slots more than the new (with Warlords) Сумка из шкуры гронна.

The next largest bags after these three are the following: Иллюзорная сумка at 26 slots, a tailor-made item requiring 8 Ткань грез, Переносная дыра в пространстве, Сумка с кор’кронскими припасами, Потрепанная сумка из проклятой ткани, and Тюк груммеля at 24 slots, and Сумка из угольного шелка, Новехонькая папина сумка, Большой заплечный мешок из шкуры Ониксии, Сумка из шкуры дракона, and the «Большущая» сумка at 22 slots.

Комментарий от Silverayne

Dear Blizzard, if you can’t give us a decent bag, how about turning this into an upgrade for our backpack to turn it from a 16 slot bag into a 30 slot bag? We’d get a whole lot more use out of that than another 30 slot bag. Thanks!

Комментарий от Savistik

If I had to guess the «reasoning» behind this, it’s that new players won’t necessarily go through the bother of a garrison so Bliz rationalizes that they need a «current materials» 30 slot bag.

Still pointless.

Комментарий от annedroiid

No one in their right minds would make this over Hexweave when it needs 8-10 Blood of Sargeras, a soulbound item.

Комментарий от enikesa

I looted Rank 2 today off of Vengeful Souls in Nor’Danil Wellspring area of Azsuna (37, 35)

Комментарий от Grishord

Hey look, yet another tailoring item I’ll never craft.

Комментарий от RaveNinja

This is by far the dumbest bag ever.

It makes no sense in any way.

It’s still early so most people will have rank 1. Let us do some math (based on EU prices)

It requires 10 Кровь Саргераса. Currently, something like Фьярнскаггл goes for 30-40g a piece and sells like hot cakes
So with 10 bloods x 10 fjarn x 30g = 3000g

Even at 8 bloods with rank 3 you will still be up.

You will need 3 Архана for 10 Прочное шелковое полотно.
3 x 10 x 25g=750g

10 x 10 Шал’дорайский шелк
100 x 5g= 500g

Roughly, the cost of this bag is 4250g

A Сумка из волшебной ткани is anything from 1500 to 1800 currently

Some scenarios based on the comments
1. Let us say, to keep it simple, the difference is 1000g. You make a 1000g and get a 30 slot bag by just using the Bloods buying and selling.

2. You have loads of legion mats. See #1, do what you want with the rest of the mats

3. You are new and can’t be bothered with old mats. See #1

4. You are tailor and looking to make money. There is still loads and loads of mats to make the Hexweave Bag, also see #1 for extra gold.

Lastly, these don’t sell well at the moment because it has to compete with another 30 slot bag but is more expensive to craft. Which also means there is not a huge quantity.

Why was this brought into the game?

Комментарий от redfox435cat

Ghost no longer spawn at this location. They did before the questline was finished. Any other ghosts in the area?

Комментарий от wisedada

In BfA another, hopefully better to craft, 30 slot bag will be added, Сумка из глубоководного шелка.

Комментарий от staron

I am not sure why there aren’t more comments on these bags — it must be because people do not care!

And it is true. These bags cannot provide a replacement, or even some competition for the Hexweave bags because they require a BoP item: 10x Blood of Sargeras. It maybe that on an active character you have 100s of Blood of Sargeras, but as a craftsman / trader, after you make a few of these bags, you will have none of the Bloods left. And again as a craftsman you will not be able to obtain the bloods.

I have looked and have not found a suitable way to obtain Blood of Sargeras in any way other than drops with the Warden’s shoulder enchantment, World Quests caches, looting bosses and other mobs, an Alchemy transmute, and finally Order Hall quest rewards and traded for 5000 Order Hall resources. All of the these methods require more or less an active Legion player, and with BfA around the corner I cannot see many players bothering to visit the Broken Isles and do World Quests just to get the Order Hall resources and the bloods.

For comparison Hexweave bags can be made with mats bought and sold freely on the AH. Therefore unless Blizzard remove/replace the Blood of Sargeras requirement there will be no scope for these bags other than as a collectable.

Комментарий от mageranger13

Tbh I wouldn’t mind if Blizz implemented some extra personal bank space and have tailors craft the item to unlock them instead of another pointless 30 slot bag. For instance, Blizz could double the main personal bank space and lock it behind an upgrade item, each item unlocks X amount of slots or Have another row of bank bag slots that unlock from a crafted item by tailors 😛


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