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Арена в зул драке где брать кв – Призыв бойцовского клуба — Задание

Призыв бойцовского клуба — Задание


Комментарий от Libow

Pick this quest up at level 75 from a Goblin named Shifty in the Dalaran sewer. This quest leads to the Amphitheater of Anguish quest line in Zul’Drak.

Комментарий от kolisee

Yes confirmed. Requires level 75 to obtain/share.

Комментарий от mmfuego

It is level 75 for the whole chain as well

Комментарий от Quartolo

The Npc can be found in the middle arena of Zul’Drak.
Coords: 48.40 , 56.38

Комментарий от Oathmaker

Well, this may be useless information, but it helped me, an easier way to access Shifty if you have a flyer is to fly in the sewer exit pipe on the (Southwest?) side, and then run across the bridge into one of the pipes into the CIRCLE OF WILLIS. (whatchu talkin bout, willis?)

Комментарий от maeric

Just completed with 75 & 76 Mage, 77 Warlock, 73 tanking paladin, and 79 healing paladin. Only had trouble on last boss with an over zealous mage.

Комментарий от Sinvala

Amphitheater of Anguish found here.

Комментарий от Kurasu

This quest *does* count toward the Zul’Drak achievement. Therefore, whatever you do, do not do the Amphitheater without it. You may be one of those stuck at 99/100, otherwise.

Комментарий от Hagard22

Another entrance to the sewers is located at 60.8, 48.3 in Dalaran

Комментарий от Cilosybn

You do not need this quest anymore to begin the Amphitheater of Anguish, just go straight to the Amphitheater and the NPC there will begin the quest chain, the same way it is in the Ring of Blood

Комментарий от Jonatan80

Seems to be some Prequest cus cant get it

Комментарий от 1771

Notice how the names / titles of your rivals only get bigger.

The quest name that is.

Комментарий от abb93

Soloed the first one as dk blood in 76. Just use frost aura and you should do fine. (Had some tank gear, about 16,5k hp in frost)

Комментарий от MyGravel

Can solo this quest chain at any level.

Wait until a group of the opposite faction show up. Then trigger the fights. Hopefully they won’t realize what is happening and just kill whatever appears.

Комментарий от Teeha

If u are a prot paladin this quest vhain is easy:D
I just soloed it to Tuskmargeddon as a lvl75 prot paladin in cheap tank gear.
Tomorrow i will try to solo the remaining bosses:D

Комментарий от Arieu999

you can find the quest from a goblin called «Shifty Vickers», in the sewers of Dalaran

Комментарий от AlexV

Breadcrumb quest that can be skipped (by mistake).

Комментарий от prinspieter

Adds towards The empire of Zul’Drak

Комментарий от pre7ender

How can I make sure I completed this quest already?

Комментарий от introp

XP rewards for doing the whole chain:

Total XP: 195050 (14.6% of the 1337000 XP needed to get from 79 to 80)
With chest and shoulder BoAs: 234060 (17.5% of the 1337000 XP needed to get from 79 to 80)

Комментарий от mikerowaves

Soloed this as a 78 prot pally with mostly BiS (at the time) WOTLK blues. Switched to Seal of Insight instead of the usual Truth but mostly kept to the normal rotation factoring in the WoG 20s cooldown from 4.1.

I had some trouble with the elemental lord (third; From Beyond) the first time around because each one summons several adds when hes at about 40% health or so. I wasn’t prepared for that but I got him the second time. Other than that, the rest of the bosses I lasted through.

The first is a simple tank and spank; Magnataur (second) hits hard so watch your health; Tusk (fourth) summons add penguins (he is immune to interrupt) that I Consecrated and switched from CS to HotR when he called for his 184K elite backup around the halfway point; Korrak (fifth) goes into a frenzy at around 25% and can take your health down quick if you don’t maintain it; and the Champion (sixth) was fairly easy if you backup when he spins into his shield. You can also heal while hes spinning so I usually hit a WoG or Divine Light in those several seconds he’s not agging you. This fight is also a longer fight since he starts mounted but then jumps off to attack you for the rest of it. His mount does not attack or didn’t seem to as I pulled him away from where it stood.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I also had the Flask of Enhancement activated being an alch. May not be the same for the rest of you.

Комментарий от zenadur

This information is incorrect, you actually get 3,333 exp from this quest :).

Комментарий от GitGudGuides

The Champion’s Call! http://youtu.be/Ywh0tQMtuU8

Комментарий от andrewelsh

Solo’d this event with my BM hunter. Full BoAs

Комментарий от Chetti

If you’re a level 100 going back for loremaster, you probably did miss this as you leveled, especially if you’d gotten help with it at the time. Along with item drop quests that might be locked behind quest chains in another zone. Remember, zone achievements (and quest achievements) are account-wide now. I was stuck at 99/100, finding this and a drop item as quests that I’d been missing. It took me a second to realize I had completed Grizzly Hills on another character, and I really didn’t want to do it again for 1 quest. I put in a polite ticket, and was given a quest (probably from the dropped item) and left at the turn in so that I could complete the achievement. If you find yourself stuck, try it!


Зул’Драк — Игровая зона — World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Ilovemuffins

Get ready for ice trolls

Комментарий от Gbasp05

With all these maps i made a really ugly beta map of the beginning of northrend

Комментарий от MonkeyPower

Wowwiki = Zul’Drak
Link for all those who want to know more about ice trolls and Zul’Drak history. 😉

Комментарий от drigger

AWESOMNESS…..we will do quests in a troll city wotlk will become like the frozen throne on warcraft 3

Комментарий от elstor

A whole zone thats all city with no real wild-life… sounds cool. Blizzard’s being a lot more creative in WotLK, what with a whole PvP zone too.

Комментарий от Hippomaniac

The pvp zone and its seige warfare is just an attempt to copy an already established innovative system that Mythic has put in Dark Age of Camelot, and their upcoming mmo Warhammer Online. Blizzard seems like they’re getting scared with Age of Conan and soon Warhammer coming out to rival them; 11 million is a large number to overcome but if anyone ever noticed there is barely anything to WoW besides button clicking its just an advanced strategy game. It looks like Blizzard knows their game is only king because other mmos are essentially the same thing but worse, and some developers have realized that and made games better than WoW, so bliz is just going to do what those previous developers did and copy the better games.

Комментарий от roby10

Zul’Drak is an area located in eastern Northrend. It is home to the Drakkari Ice Trolls and their Frost King Malakk. Their capital is the city of Gundrak. Zul’Drak belongs to the Drakkari, who roam in hunting parties searching for prey. Old troll ruins are strewn across the countryside and the Scourge hovers just beyond the western border, waiting for a chance to strike. Climate-wise, Zul’Drak is the least pleasant of the eastern regions. It’s colder than the Grizzly Hills or the Howling Fjord, less majestic than the Storm Peaks, and more crowded than any of them. And most of the crowd is Drakkari. This region is the trolls’ homeland, and they swarm the place looking for intruders and prey. It has Drakkari ruins, which are interesting. Most other races avoid this region, and for good reason. Travelers do not need to go there for passage north or south — they can stick to the Grizzly Hills, which surround Zul’Drak on both sides and reach all the way up to Crystalsong Forest and the Storm Peaks. The only reason anyone would want to visit Zul’Drak is if they were explorers hoping to meet the Drakkari — and they better have a large group of armed warriors with them when they do.

The Drakkari have recently gone mad after they sacrificed their animal gods in an attempt to fight off the Scourge. The Argent Dawn faction will return to play a role in Zul’Drak and the zone itself will be a giant ziggurat of the now broken civilization.


Комментарий от Ilovemuffins

WoW shouldnt be afraid of Age of Conan…the game is seriously flawed once you leave the beginer island.
The only combo moves you can do are for melee. casters just press a button, much like WoW but in the world of conan and brutality, its kind of weak. also, you spawn in the same spot no matter where you die (unless you choose a farther away spawn) making PvP largely unbalanced towards higher levels, and there are no gaurds to save you. also, all zones are instanced, meaning i cant get to the next zone over unless i go all the way back to town to «take a trip» to it. also, every house, death, zone, city, ect. has a loading screen.

this seems pretty random, but there was a conan reference.

Комментарий от Dracorush

So a 3 way war between the scourge, drakkari and argent dawn? I like how they are bringing the Argent dawn back though.

Комментарий от Snooginz

I’m happy they brought the Argent Dawn back as well. All that rep from before TBC will hopefully be put to use to gain items again.

Комментарий от Snooginz

I figured as much. Blizz has got to show some love to the players that were in before TBC. Some special rewards for all that hard work back in the day, cause face it Wow pre TBC was harder than it is now I find anyways.

Комментарий от foki

that’s what the achievement system(feats of strength) is for.

Комментарий от Mumpley

Home of the the Northrend Version of the Ring of Blood.

Gurgthok will return with Wodin the Troll-Servant and will be located in the Amphitheater of Anguish
to hand out lewtz once again.

Комментарий от Murderface

Also this seems to be the home of the new ZA and ZG :D.

I hear there is a mammoth boss.

Комментарий от Leaflow

An interesting note, in case anyone was keen enough to notice…
The altars of Sseratus, Mam’toth, Quetz’lun and Rhunok all have their own theme.
The voices in the song will chant their respective animal gods, depending on which Altar you’re frequenting.
An interesting tidbit. 😀

Комментарий от Warlocked

I got on 99 Quests, i need 100 for achievement, what did i miss?

Комментарий от Redcewe

To explore a large ammount of this zone you’ll get the quest: Dark Horizon somewhere along your questing. 🙂

Комментарий от crazyemex

came here at 74 no quests availible. wowhead says this zone is for 74-77 is it wrong or did i just not see the quests?

Комментарий от odinforpres

Flight Paths:

Ebon Watch — 14,74
Light’s Breach — 32,74 (Also all the starting quests if you are 74)
Zim’Torga — 60,57

Комментарий от Antigan

Where is the best place to begin questing for this zone if you’re going in without any lead-in quests from other zones?

Комментарий от Razr

If you quest in this zone before Grizzly Hills, you’re going to miss an important storyline as to how Drakuru got to where he is. I say this because Zul’drak is listed as a 73-76 Zone whereas Grizzly Hills is a 74-76 Zone. This might lead people to believe Zul’drak comes before Grizzly Hills in zones to quest. It’s one of many interesting and interactive story lines Blizzard has added in Wotlk.

Edit: Apparently it’s listed this way on the Wowhead Wotlk Guide: Northrend. Not the same if you use Wowhead’s Database tab Browse>Zones>Northrend search where Grizzly Hills is followed by Crystalsong Forest then Zul’drak.

Комментарий от wowballaking

i hate this spot with a passion in lich king

world of warcraft

Комментарий от Abomb

i just finished questing in dragonblight and ive done all the quests there along with a lot on dungeons and i am now 75 im a feral druid and im wondering if i should go to GH or ZD? can anyone tell me which would be best?

Комментарий от cjm336

there is a ….very strange mix of Norse and Greek mythology going on around here…almost like its blurred. Originally the final boss was «Kronus» (greek titan of time) or some deviation of that, but it was changed to «Loken» (nordic god of mischief)…at first i thought it was because some manager noticed an idiot put a guy out of his mythological place, but then i realized that this whole instance and Ualdar itself is already a mis-mash of the two lore histories.

My speculation is that Kronus will be a boss in the 25 man version of Ualdar, along with Jormungrand (the world worm), some high-tech ^&*! (wouldnt be suprised to find Zerg here), and of course some incarnation of Yogg-Saron, an old god (probably similar to C’thun)

Further speculation may suggest that some of these titans are working with the Faceless Ones, so there may be some high-end Faceless interaction as well, whereas Zul’Drak’s potential 25 man instance will feature more troll-to-god interaction with possible demonic or Lich-King influence, Ualdar will most likely deal with Old God / Titan stuff.

Комментарий от 0verlordd

i done about 50 quests here, and cant find anymore, am lvl 76, can some1 pls tell me where the hell can i find more quests here, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Комментарий от SuperMaster

Alliance Flight Master Paths:

I am not quite sure if they are shared or only for Alliance…


Комментарий от aviddruid

i’m the same, 50 quests done and cant find anymore, looked everywhere. i’m level 80

Комментарий от Vomitory

Anyone else’s achievement for the 100 quests bugged out? I know I’ve turned in at least 100 but its not giving me the achievement so I can’t get Deathchill Cloak for tailoring.

Комментарий от xpuntar

Hmm, I have done almost all quests here and I am still 5 quests short for Zul’drak quest achievement. I have even done one instance quest in Gundrak here for collecting some tablets (Rogue and druid could easily «stealth» solo it at 80 without fighting any mob.)

I find that Zul’Drak quest limit for achievement is quite high as in all other Northrend zones (Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills) I haven’t had such trouble for doing it.

Heck in Dragonblight I still have some quests left.

The only known quests (to me) in Zul’Drak to do are Amphitheater of Anguish? Even by only counting quests here in Wowhead there should be more. What exactly am I missing? (Please do not list me instance quests as I haven’t had such problems in Borean Tundra for «The Nexus» and in Howling Fjord for «Utgarde Keep»)

Комментарий от Aramaru

I just hope that when Zeramas (located within southwest Zul’Drak) is given quests and such, that there’s an Argent Crusader named Cecil Harvey and a Knight of the Ebon Blade named Golbez involved.. 🙂

At the moment.. it’s vacant of anything and appears to be a placeholder for future content.

Комментарий от scharlton

The Zul’Drak quest achievement is very tight — to make the 100 quests, I found I had to do most of the group quests in the area as well, such as

All of which are soloable or two-mannable. I have not finished any of the Gundrak quests; they’re not necessary.

Комментарий от Mantrhax

Eggs for Dubra’Jin isnt in the Zul Drak quest list, Why ?

Комментарий от Spicebringer

Why is Wanted: Maggot Eye listed here? ;P

Комментарий от Shurikan

Isengard looks like it belongs in Zul’Drak. I love this zone.

Комментарий от Jaspirac

The long aqueduct is a great raised highway. If you don’t have your cold weather flying get up there and run past the chaos below.

Комментарий от Svalakall

this map needs har’koa quest giver… and quetz’lun’s spirit

Комментарий от RoGuEzPwNzFtW

hey do u think i will do ok if i go here at lvl 75? coz i skipped dragonblight 2 go straight to grizzly coz i hated dragonblight

Комментарий от Misteque

does anyone know where i can get the last 7 quests in Zul’Drak cos i am 93/100 for achieve…

Комментарий от OMGITSAWHALE


Комментарий от Gohlusk

Note to hunters, there’s all sorts of unique pets roaming around, such as a tameable blighthound, a cat with glowing red eyes, an undead spider, a color changing outland style raptor(one color is blue and exclusive to this pet),a white outland style wind serpent, and lastly the elusive spirit beast Gondria, a spectral tiger.

Happy taming!

Комментарий от coyote72

Has anyone noticed that on the map, there’s a major door into Gundrak, but the actual instance entrances are on the sides? Could this be for a quest, for show, or for a future instance?

Комментарий от Ellesica

If you’re looking for Cobalt ore, this is a good zone to hunt for it; especially with an epic flyer.

Комментарий от zynthas

There are 146 steps on the big staircase leading into Zul’drak from Grizzly Hills.

Комментарий от Rahizzle

The best zone to herb: Talandra’s Rose.

Комментарий от jurassic96

were can an inkeeper be found?

Комментарий от gordonplayer

Fish from this area’s lakes and rivers are good for physical dps’s food. (atk power, agi, str, hit)

Комментарий от sherid

Personally, I hate this zone. It’s awful. I don’t like the fact that there are no proper roads, you have tu run all over the place and aggro thousands of mobs before you can get to your destination. Without a flying mount this zone sucks. I don’t know if it’s possible to skip Zul’Drak. Most of the quests are stupid, I dislike the Reliquary of Pain- questline SO much. Argh. Sorry, I’m just frustrated… been running around Zul’Drak for 4 hours trying to get my XP… I hate this zone so much.

EDIT: typo 🙁

Комментарий от Lurelina

Sorry, but you’re not 100% right.
It’s not the Argent Dawn there, but the Argent Crusade
Just wanted to point this out. Go ahead and downrate me into oblivion if you want.

Комментарий от Tro44

where is the location of the rift in this zone?

Комментарий от muse9191

Call me crazy, but this place totally reminds me of the Dark World Eastern Palace in Link to the Past.

Комментарий от rivlel

Zul’Drak is a strong contender for worst zone in the game (as of cataclysm) if the objective is to level quickly. Quests are often gimmiky — there are vehicle quests all over the place, pet quests, a high percentage of quests where you have to use an item, ride a mount, phase for a death scene. Drop rates on many quests are abysmal (compared the the cataclysm norm) and NPCs that you escort can bug out making you restart the quest.

If you like this stuff, great — it’s a wonderful zone for that. If you are trying to level quickly, however, pass this one, it’s awful.

Комментарий от thegoddaddy

As alliance you can start questing in Zul’drak at 75 by taking Reallocating Resources from Gryan Stoutmantle in Grizzly Hills.

Комментарий от Thrallscream

Worst quest chains in the game. All tedious and very time consuming. Do yourself a favor and level your early 70’s through BG’s or dungeons. Quester beware. My first and LAST time ever questing through this zone.

Комментарий от sashko190

cool place for digging

Комментарий от nurseferatu

Just have to say, leveling through here for the first time I find the quests quite wonderful. The stories are appealing and compelling, and we have been really looking forward to exploring this part of the Troll history. This is likely because we are coming in post-Cataclysm — but we are really having fun with Zul-Drak! There are also some pretty nice drops for mid-70s hunters and druids, especially those who are role-playing Trolls.

Комментарий от HarisPilton

I don’t like the zone layout much, but definitely best quests I’ve done so far. Many original and interesting ones!

Комментарий от cstober2010

So you cannot start questing here until level 75. However, when you hover over the area on the map it says 74-76. Wasted my time getting to this place. If you are level 74, go somewhere else. GG blizzard, GG.

Комментарий от slantdk

As of 6.0.3 I have to declare this zone unplayable if you want to level by questing. The major quest chains are riddles with bugs and quests that cannot be completed. Avoid at all costs for now, it’ll only give you grief and you lose time in this zone.

Комментарий от Goodwinn

Don’t forget to pick up these «This Item Begins A Quest» items while in Zul’Drak…

Комментарий от Goodwinn

The MapID of Zul’Drak is 496. This is used for any WoW API function that requires a MapID.

For example, to set your current map to Zul’Drak you can type:

/run SetMapByID(496)

Комментарий от Boxofbeer

Rare mobs of Zul’Drak https://youtu.be/qnHt1IxKSig?t=257


Горнило Крови: боец из клана Кровавого Глаза! — Задание


Комментарий от lesgirrior

This is the first quest in the chain.

Комментарий от sadiestarr

This is the first guy. He’s a tank & spank.

Комментарий от RobinZ

..and defeat Hurp’derp!

Nice one, Blizzard. That guy probably isn’t the smartest one around.

Комментарий от Viper007Bond

Managing to get this quest is a feat in itself with all the other groups struggling to start their own quest. 🙁

Комментарий от SenselessNoise

Man, have you ever herped so hard you derped?

Комментарий от zedius

Be careful of this guy’s fear. It can be instant fail if he fears you out. I suggest you pull the boss back from where he first becomes attackable.

Комментарий от Amoa

I saved these quests for level 85 to get the extra gold that you would get for being max level. But upon collecting the quest and checking here I realise that I get the exact same amount of gold that I would get at level 84.

So I would suggest you try your hardest to get a group for this BEFORE you hit level 85 or you are throwing away 500,000+ experience.

Комментарий от Fe6eesa

GUYS PLZ Help , who can i Begin doing quests with Gurgthock in twillight highlands? so i can do the last quest with rare things? cuz i want the dagger

Комментарий от collin272

I Soloed this as an 84 Arcane Mage just by kiting the heck out of him. After i killed him…Gurgthock (the quest giver) yelled «WINNER! We Have a winner!»…and then the quest showed up as «Failed». So i redid the quest…and after killing him again…failed. AWESOME!

Комментарий от Chishio

Do you need to complete any quests before this event becomes available? 🙂

Комментарий от kunda311

That might have something to do with the fact that it’s labeled as a group quest.

Комментарий от wrob

Blizzard please! No more massively bugged arena quest chains like this turd! You accept the quest, maybe it starts, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you’ll get credit, maybe you won’t. Drop it? Try again? Reboot? And the whole time you’re competing with throngs of players from both factions intentionally obscuring the quest giver.

Doesn’t somebody test this stuff?

Комментарий от jhenry1971

is there a pre-req or can i fly to twilight when i hit 84 i get quest?

Комментарий от slicendice101

To those wondering, this quest is not part of the huge quest chain in Twilight Highlands, you can just fly to the zone at level 84 and pick the quest up.

Комментарий от Solarknight

I just soloed Herp’derp this morning. 85 BM hunter with mostly item level 333 and 346 gear (from factions). I didn’t even have my main tank pet, just the fox. As long as I kept heals on Mulder, I was fine. Getting feared several times was annoying, but finished it on the first try.

Unfortunately, the next one hits like a Mack truck. I couldn’t keep heals up and died after about 30 seconds.

Комментарий от Jenstin

The fastest way to get to this quest as Horde:
At level 84 head over to Twilight Highlands and do the introductionary quests, once you’re given The Northern Flank and The Southern Flank, do The Southern Flank, continue that ‘chain’ and after about 20 quests you should be able to do CoC.

Комментарий от Jenstin

edit: as people have pointed out, you don’t even have to do the prequests and can start CoC without any qs done in TH

Комментарий от Theodis

You can definitely get this quest before doing any quests in Bloodgulch.

Комментарий от schwelty

The first couple of internet memes and 4chan references were funny. Now Blizzard is grossly abusing it to the point where it’s mundane and plainspoken.

Комментарий от thebadoneuk

Soled this on my lvl 85 BM Hunter, pet taking lots of damage, had to keep mend pet up, especially before fear. Took me exactly 5 mins as Hunter mark just wore off when I downed him.

Комментарий от vorophobe

Solo’d as a 84 blood Death Knight (Lichborne spec)

Комментарий от Qinella

This guy should be easy to solo for any class with range damage ability. He walks slowly, sometimes stopping to use an ability, and his abilities have short range. If you can put a dot on him and blast him occasionally, you can solo him.

Комментарий от Schnell

Soloed this as a level 84 arcane mage. Just kite with blink and slow.

Комментарий от Naleag

Solo’d as a Blood Dk in nothing special. Literally just stood there, and ate all the attacks, and specials for vengeance stacks, and still didn’t drop below 90% the entire time. Outbreak your diseases, use death strike if you want, and just whittle him down easy as can be.

Комментарий от Nemo74

Easy solo as a 85 BM used a shale spider. Kept up mend pet and just chipped away at his 1.2mil It was really not that hard.

Комментарий от pherkier

If you are hunter, fire-mage, shaman or any other cast-while-moving or instant-ranged-attack you can solo him, the mob is quite slow.

Комментарий от Creagal

Solo’d as rogue. Used Assasin Spec with Deadly and Instant Poison, and Deadly on Throwing.

All season 11 honor pvp gear and 2 conquest pieces.

Vanish causes automatic fail. Which sucks because you don’t actually leave the arena. But you can start the fight in stealth.

Immune to Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, Crippling Poison, Blind and Gouge. So don’t bother with them.

Easy enough. Just run away from him and come in to get combo points/apply poison. Use Recuperate and avoid his spinning and hammer attack which are slow or he will stop to do them. Use your throwing weappon while he is at a distance.

Комментарий от Icemagic

Doing this 5 part chain at level 84 with BOA headpiece and BOA cape with guild perk Fast Track will net you 694000 xp and 150g40s with a nice weapon to choose from.

Комментарий от SergeantJinxxie

I soloed this on my hunter at level 84, using a bear for the pet. A turtle would probably do too. It may be useful to have Taunt as a talent and at least 1/2 in Lionhearted, because he does fear a lot. And obviously, make sure to spam Mend Pet. Other than that, it took about 4-5 minutes to kill him and it was generally a walk in the park. I don’t suggest continuing the chain by yourself, as my pet died in about 10 seconds on the Thundermar guy.

Комментарий от sandriq

Here you have : Video Guide

If you want to see walkthrough of this quest, have a look on youtube on TomcasGames (channel).
I hope it will be useful.
Thanks !

Комментарий от fosley

So as of Mists and crossrealm zones, these quests are hell to complete again. There were 5 or 6 groups in front of us, and they kept tagging each other’s kills, giving no credit to the team who grabbed the quest. Then some alliance moved in, and instead of grouping up and doing the quests at once, the same two 90’s ran three lowbies through, one at a time. Tried helping them dps the guys, so they decided to start attacking me instead.

Finally got fed up and started killing them until they went away, then another horde group came in and started tagging our kills, so we had to spawn the guys two or three times each to get a lucky tag in. Something like an hour after we started a questline that takes three minutes, we finally got the achievements for the people who stuck around.

If you want this questline, it seems like you just have to be a bully and take it from anyone and everyone.

Комментарий от ARedstone

Solo’d on an 84 shadow priest. Was a little difficult, but if you keep up your power word: shield and renew, you should maintain a high health. As most spells aren’t instant, your best bet is to put dots on him and to wait for the instant pop-ups. When he does his smashing attack, he will be still for a moment, so use this time to cast the vampiric touch dot and mind blast.
Cast devouring plague when the orbs add up.
He hits hard, so avoid him and heal multiple times if needed.
Your best bet is to avoid and spam dots/instant pop-ups.

Комментарий от Qirajin

The whole questline is soloable as a BM hunter with early MoP questing gear, read the comments on each individual quest for helpful advice

Комментарий от Boxofbeer

The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Ir8KmpX3E

Комментарий от WoWGnGP

i made i playthrough of this quest if anyone wish to see how to do it 🙂


Зул’Драк — Достижение — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от EWOlson


82.1, 20.7, Gundrak
51.8, 75.3, Drak’Sotra Fields
49.4, 56.1, Ampitheater of Anguish
40.6, 38.6, Altar of Sseratus
53.6, 36.8, Altar of Rhunok
77.0, 59.2, Altar of Quetz’lun
76.1, 43.3, Altar of Mam’toth
63.9, 71.0, Altar of Har’koa
59.7, 57.6, Zim’Torga
21.5, 76.5, Zeramas
28.3, 46.6, Voltarus
17.2, 58.6, Thrym’s End
32.0, 75.6, Light’s Breach
62.0, 77.6, Kolramas

And if you’d like an addon to show the exploration data points on the world map then please check out my addon EWOLandmarks at:

Комментарий от venasque

Here is the above information edited so you can macro it for TomTom

/way 82.1 20.7 Gundrak
/way 51.8 75.3 Drak’Sotra Fields
/way 49.4 56.1 Ampitheater of Anguish
/way 40.6 38.6 Altar of Sseratus
/way 53.6 36.8 Altar of Rhunok
/way 77.0 59.2 Altar of Quetz’lun
/way 76.1 43.3 Altar of Mam’toth
/way 63.9 71.0 Altar of Har’koa
/way 59.7 57.6 Zim’Torga
/way 21.5 76.5 Zeramas
/way 28.3 46.6 Voltarus
/way 17.2 58.6 Thrym’s End
/way 32.0 75.6 Light’s Breach
/way 62.0 77.6 Kolramas

Комментарий от Jimothey

Agreed, after taking the tour of Zul’Drak via the gargoyle I only had 3 areas left to uncover:
Altar Of Sseratus &

Not sure if you can discover Kolramas by riding under it, keep the Scourge outfit from Stefan Vardu (sp?) in Ebon Watch just in case.

Комментарий от timand

82.1, 20.7, Gundrak
51.8, 75.3, Drak’Sotra Fields
49.4, 56.1, Ampitheater of Anguish
40.6, 38.6, Altar of Sseratus
53.6, 36.8, Altar of Rhunok
77.0, 59.2, Altar of Quetz’lun
76.1, 43.3, Altar of Mam’toth
63.9, 71.0, Altar of Har’koa
59.7, 57.6, Zim’Torga
21.5, 76.5, Zeramas
28.3, 46.6, Voltarus
17.2, 58.6, Thrym’s End
32.0, 75.6, Light’s Breach
62.0, 77.6, Kolramas


hope it help your!

Комментарий от Lucilite

Where exatly is the FP for Gundrak? (especially for those without coord addons).

I’m on a lvl 72 human pally, so i probably have to do some quests in order to get to the right phase to see the FP… anyone know the name of the quest that starts it & who the NPC is that gives it? Or if there’s a different prerequesite?


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