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Гамбит седогрива задание – Гамбит Седогрива — Задание — World of Warcraft

Гамбит Седогрива — Задание — World of Warcraft


Комментарий от SamiHuutoniemi

This quest does not complete for me when I land on the ground… Anyone else have the same issue?

Комментарий от malavae

I accepted the quest and appeared on board the ship, but for the life of me couldn’t find any guns to man. I was alone and the only guns were below the top deck and couldn’t be ‘manned’.

I quit the game to see if it was a glitch, and on logging back in, still nothing to activate. Anyone else have issues with this?

playing on iMac

Комментарий от Dayta

Quest Video ( YouTube Link )
Showing the Quest beeing done from start to end
English — LEGION 1004 Greymans Gambit
German — LEGION 1004 Graumähnes Schachzug

Complete Legion Quest List Here

Комментарий от Pallipwns

I accepted the quest, it played a cinematic, I got 2 loading screens, then it put me right back to where I was before I took the quest.

Комментарий от EmberDione

I found the trick to get past the blip bug (where it just teleports you back and doesn’t start the mission) is to drop the quest, Log out and back in, Reset All Instances, then accept it again, and try again.

Just logging out and retaking the quest didn’t work for me. It was resetting all instances.

Комментарий от Karoichi

After activating the quest from Greymane (and get sent to stormwind), speak to Sky Admiral Rogers, select the dialogue option and then she’ll start the scenario. Just that.

Комментарий от Orella

If for whatever reason it doesn’t work just drop the quest, reset all instances and then accept the quest again and talk to Sky Admiral Rogers. That is what worked for me, no need to relog.

Happy Questing!

Комментарий от Thorwulf

I am supposed to shoot forsaken dreadwings from the ship cannons. However, I have tried it twice to no avail. The first time I got to 18, the second to 25. At that point, the bats stop flying within range. You sit and wait and they circle above, out of reach, unable to be shot.

I wish there was a way to aim the cannon UP. Then it might be possible to beat this quest.

Комментарий от Aeliel

The only thing that worked for me to unbug the start of this is to keep trying. It started eventually. If I’d known I’d gone to the other zone I was missing, though. :/

Комментарий от Chronokatan

After the cutscene use the follwing command:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(39800)(A))
/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(39801)(H))

If the result of the script shows «nil», and you don’t have the quests in your questlog, please return to Stormwind and head back to the Skyfire hovering in Stormwind harbour to re-accept the quest and re-do the scenario.

Комментарий от Patsien

What I did to get it to work:

1. Abandon quest.
2. Reset instances.
3. Logout and back in.
4. Re-accept quest.

Finally worked.

Комментарий от Tsumoro

I have a playthrough of this quest here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqlKcGzN5t0

Комментарий от Stalora

It’s a confirmed bug. I contacted Blizzard support because none of the logging out, resetting, disabling addons, etc. worked for me, while another player standing next to me got through after two tries. Blizz got back to me and said they are aware of the bug and their team is working on it, but there’s nothing they can do for individual players right now. So keep trying and hope you get lucky for now.

Комментарий от faijai88

I abandoned this quest after the bug. Where can i re-select the quest again?

Комментарий от Thundwrath

I tried dropping and picking the quest up 4 or 5 times, then realized that Rogers has a speech option to start the scenario. I think that Blizzard is aware of the bug causing it to not launch correctly, and has this speech option in place so that you can repeatedly attempt it until it works. After a few times talking to her, I finally got a properly loaded scenario.

Комментарий от locarto

If you, like me, have this quest with DBM and DBM skips the final cinematic right before you end up at the triage camp, do not abandon it thinking to do it again like I did. Because from what i have found, there is no way to pick it up again. Shame really. I wanted to see that cinematic.

Комментарий от machina2413

How to do:

Комментарий от oliviaisarobot

It didn’ work for me as of today, but it was enough to abandon and retake the quest, no need to restart the game.

Комментарий от Qbitman

Tried one whole hour to get this to work.
Just close the cinematic before the cinematic itself begins.
Basically, just close the cinematic as fast as possible

Hope it will help

Комментарий от Volleynova

Is it just me or does this quest feel like it never left the Alpha stage? I mean it feels clunky. There are arrows showing the player exactly where to go every step of the way… it actually made me feel dumb. Also, is there supposed to be no music during this? Not to mention the 10 tries it took me to actually start the quest, and enter the scenario.

Комментарий от Shashos

The only way I could complete this was to completely uninstall all addons and just use the stock UI. Once I did that, I had no issues with loading screens, or the scenario failing to load. That was a tedious experience.

Комментарий от slybootz

Relogging, then abandoning and reaccepting the quest worked for me.

Комментарий от MacraeCC

When you go below the deck to remove the flares, the mobs respawn very quickly! If you’re having trouble (like I did), kill them close to the guards at the doorway, they’ll help you!

Комментарий от GamingChica

How I made this quest work?

Out of sheer curiosity, apprehension of failure, and laziness I decided to skip dropping the quest and restarting the game

I chose to disable ElvUI and reload the game. I then interacted with Sky Admiral Rogers. It worked!

Комментарий от eric0707

How to do Greymane’s Gambit — Quest —>> https://youtu.be/gOkg-gMYVA0

Комментарий от Boxofbeer

After you gain a quest just speak with Rogers to start a scenario.
Гамбит Седогрива — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJsNVHWqwRI

Комментарий от katherinne

As others have said… If stuck…

1 Abandon Quest

2 Reset all instances (option when rightclicking your portrait)

3 Log all the way out of WoW

4 Log in & accept the quest from Genn.

Комментарий от OldWolf2

Phase 2 was bugged for me. After shooting some birds, the cannons all got iced by a mob. It kicked me out of the cannon, however the vehicle UI remained up, and clicking the «leave vehicle» said «You can’t do that now».

I also couldn’t attack the mob very well — all my action bars were gone due to the vehicle UI, and 1-9 keys didn’t work. My other keybinds did work so I did very slow DPS and killed it in about 6 minutes. Then the cannon un-iced and I could proceed to phase3 (which is also bugged)

I use Dominos bar addon. Not sure if this is related, but this event also triggered some sort of UI bug that did not allow me to click off any buffs for the rest of the instance. Also, I’m a druid and was in cat form when entering the gun.

Комментарий от OldWolf2

For Phase 3 (Defeating 3 captains), you can go inside the ship and then fall out the hole in the bottom, and then the game teleports you to the first of the 3 captains.

Not sure if this is intended or there was supposed to be a better way but I discovered this after about 10 minutes of running around the ship with nothing happening.

Комментарий от Wowzir

For those stuck in a loop where after you view the CINEMATIC, you see a couple of different loading screens and then find yourself back on the deck of the Skyfire where players are at the «test out the deckgun» phase:

Abandon the quest, reacquire the quest, and here is the important part…

1) Immediately as the screen darkens and program goes to give you the cinematic, hit your escape key (probably some other key for the Mac folks, you get the idea)

2) when the dialog box com


Врайкул стори, бро! — Достижение

Комментарий от jjanchan

This achievement is a reference to an internet meme that was seen as early as 2008 on 4Chan boards. It is thought to have originated from the first Zoolander movie from 2001, in this scene.

Each of the Broken Isles zone achievements are word plays of common phrases or references. As below:

Original phrase

Комментарий от P0kerZ

The Greymane’s Gambit, The Aftermath, and Secrets of the Shieldmaidens sub-achievements only link to the Horde version. The Alliance triggers are the following:

Greymane’s Gambit: Greymane’s Gambit
The Aftermath: Signal Boost
Secrets of the Shieldmaidens: Ending the New Beginning

Комментарий от smushtime

Currently stuck on Secrets of the Shieldmaidens but there is another quest at 78 58.

Комментарий от smushtime

If you are missing «Secrets of the Shieldmaidens» try 57 71 on a small boat. Look for a land mine.

Комментарий от amirof

Врайкул стори, бро!

*COMPLETE quests chain, Alliance side, including breadcrumbs, side quests and bonus objectives that doesn’t count toward the achievement, for quest completists.
*Please comment if theres a missing quest, existing one is a side quest/breadcrumb, etc.
*Consulted with this guide a bit.

Class Hall
(1).Штормхейм or Штормхейм
(1>2).Королевский призыв

Skyfire over Stormwind
(3).Последние приготовления
(4).Гамбит Седогрива *Greymane’s Gambit completed

Skyfire Triage Camp (4>)
(5).Исцеление с небес
(7).Батарейки сели
(8).До скорой встречи, осциллятор!

(8>9).Пропавший легион
(8>10).Грозовой разрядник
(9>11).Как на иголках
(10>12).Усилитель сигнала *The Aftermath completed

Weeping Bluffs
(13).Древние испытания
(14).Закаленный бурей гарпун

Valley of the Sword
(13>15).Испытание Хави
(15>16).На голову выше конкурентов *Drop Подношение претендента which starts Кровь и золото
(15>17).Достойный претендент *Bonus Objective
(16>18).Кровь и золото *Beardcrumb, not available after picking Испытание доблести

Aggramar’s Vault (16>)
(19).Испытание доблести
(20).Испытание воли
(21).Расколотый страж
(19>22).Испытание мощи
(22>23).Благословение стражей *The Trial of Might completed

Valley of the Sword (23>)
(24).Воля торигниров

Lorna’s Watch (24>)

Hrydshal (25>)
(26).Летать можно и без крыльев
(27).У природы нет плохой погоды
(28).Нападение на дрекирьяров *Bonus Objective, complete before leaving Hrydshal in Пролетая над гнездом дракона
(*).Сделай сам *Side quest. Дракон-штормокрыл and Дракон-штормокрыл drop Чешуя штормового дракона or Чешуя штормового дракона. Finish this berefore turning in У природы нет плохой погоды
(27>29).Страховка от протыкания
(29>30).Обходной путь
(30>31).Пролетая над гнездом дракона

Galebroken Path (31>)
(32).Крылья свободы
(33).Сердце дракона
(34).Ярость шторма

Thorim’s Peak (34>)
(35).Где властвуют драконы
(35>36).Гром и молния! *The Trial of Will completed

Amberfall Mesa (36>)
(37).Испытания продолжаются *Take detour to Talonrest, below, to do side quests, listed at the end

Valdisdall (38>)
(39).Кстати, о костях
(39>40).В Хауствальд

The Runewood (40>)
(41).Время поворачивать камни
(42).Месть Рунного леса
(42>44).Сонный гриб
(44>45).Судный день
(44>46).Вернуть им покой

Field of Fallen Kings (46>)
(47).Возмездие Говорящим с костями
(48).Царственные останки

Haustvald (48>)
(49).Связующие руны
(49>50).Пробуждение девы щита
(50>51).Окончательный приговор *The Trial of Valore completed

Helheim (51>)
(52).Недостойное дело
(53).Настоящий ад *Bonus Objective. Finish befor Уплачено кровью
(52>54).Безделушки проклятых
(52>55).Небольшая вражеская помощь
(55>56).Маскхалат из водорослей
(56>57).Отчаянная сделка

Helya’s Throne (57>)
(58).Извечный заклятый враг

The Eternal Battlefield (58>)
(59).Освещение пути
(59>60).Расколотая душа
(59>61).Союзники в смерти
(61>62).Победа в Вечности
(62>63).Уплачено кровью *To Helheim and Back completed

Valdisdall (63>)
(64).Тяжелая обуза
(64>65).В погоне за банши
(64>66).Достучаться до Валхаллы

Greywatch (65>)
(67).Горючая зараза
(68).Шепот из темноты
(69).Вырезать сердце
(69>70).В Скольд-Ашиль

Crowley’s Overlook (70>)
(71).Защищенные секреты
(72).Атака на Скольд-Ашиль or Атака на Скольд-Ашиль *Bonus Objective

Skold-Ashil (71>)
(73).Сказания о битвах
(74>75).Конец нового начала *Secrets of the Shieldmaidens completed

Felskorn Camp (66>)
(76).Знакомая судьба
(76>77).Сдерживая прилив *Use special weapons for Bonus Objective
(76>78).Переломить хребет *Use special weapons for Bonus Objective
(76>79).Отбросить волнскорнские силы *Bonus Objective. Complete before Handing in Сдерживая прилив and Переломить хребет
(79>80).Спасение Штормхейма *The Champion of Stormheim completed
(80>81).Чертоги Доблести: эгида Агграмара *Dungeon
(81>82).Эгида Агграмара *Dungeon

Side Quests

Talonrest (37>)
(83).Зубастые вредители
(83>84).Тончайшее руно
(83>85).Мухлеж в споре
(86).Род Нитхегга *Bonus Objective
(87).Хладнокровная игра
(89).Все на красное *Что за обдираловка! completed
(90).Время расплаты *Карты, деньги, два гоблина completed. Require level 110

(91).Загадка Кровавого грота
(92).Камень крови
(93).Ценность знаний
(92>94).Что закопали Говорящие с костями
(92>95).Проливая дурную кровь

Tideskorn Harbor
(96).Останки прошлого
(96>97).Поиски на отмели
(97>98).В честь павших
(98>99).Тени в туманах

Stormtorn Foothills
(100).Бедствие племени Черного Пера
(100>101).Подношение Нитхеггу
(100>102).Опаленные перья
(102>103).Танцы с воронухами

*Edit 20170213: Added Сделай сам
*Edit 20170217: Added Tideskorn Harbor side quests
*Edit 20170318: Added Stormtorn Foothills side quests

Комментарий от OtakuFox

I’m deeply disappointed in Blizzard for using internet memes.

Комментарий от Mattly99

If you were missing the Champion of Stormheim like I was, go back to Valdisdall and talk to Havi. He’ll get you started on the final quest line. I didn’t have a quest question mark at the time to see I needed to go back there.

Комментарий от sitecow09

*Que picture of Odyn doing the thumbs up and having a huge grin on his face.*

Комментарий от Yashuawa

Make sure you finish this before doing a faction change. I was half way through it and had to start all over again when I moved from Alliance to Horde (Not sure why).

Комментарий от Nico2000NL

«The Trial of Valor»… These are the exact same quests as in «The Trial of Might»…?
Both for the «Vrykul Story, Bro» achievement.

Комментарий от voredor

I suspect the name of this achievement is a reference to Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother who often comes up with doubtfull stories ending them with «true story bro»


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