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Командир викайа – Командир Викайя — Задание — World of Warcraft

Командир отряда Вишакс — NPC


Комментарий от zalkanov

You need to combine Smashed Portal Generator with a Conductive Sheath, Arc Circuit and Power Cell to create Vishax’s Portal Generator. Which will start the quest Commander on Deck!, and is turned in coordinates .

Completing the quest will give you permanent access to the portal to his ship, on the south end of the dock.

His damage is moderate considering he has 206M hp. He doesn’t drop anything different than the other rares.

All the parts to create the quest item, can be dropped off the elites on the Terminus docks and ship (Portal to it on the north end of the docks ), in the south west area of the the Antoran Waste. The mobs that drop them are the Eredar War-Mind and Felsworn Myrmidon.

Комментарий от Feranough

Squadron Commander Vishax has a large health pool.
During the fight:
— occasionally half of the platform is targeted by a barrage of fel. Easy to move out of.
— he targets you with a Massive Slam, it knocks you straight up, shouldn’t knock you off, but be careful.
— He targets your location with Artillery Strike, after a few seconds the strike will hit for some damage. Easy to move out of.

Vishax can be stunned.

He dropped me 14 x Veiled Argunite and an Otherworldy Trophy.

Комментарий от Hybie

You can start farming for the 4 different pieces at 75/64 in the wastes. All 4 items needed to open the portal are dropped from the elite mobs in the area. After you collect all 4 of the items, combine them and you get a quest. From there just follow the steps to open the portal to him. His base health is around 165M and he does hit like a truck.

Комментарий от Seraclover

Gave Vishax a shot on a BM hunter, ilvl 907, and successfully downed him solo. It took some time, but his three moves are fairly easy to deal with.

Massive Slam and Artillery Strike can both be interrupted. Because Artillery Strike can be dodged (just step out of the circle that appears on the ground during his cast), I recommend using interrupts for Massive Slam, which does have a faster cast associated with it. It doesn’t do a TON of damage, and, hunters, fwiw, don’t bother Disengaging to avoid the fall damage (damage isn’t too terrible, and the risk of falling off if you’re not paying attention to your angle isn’t worth it).

The area you fight Vishax in is a long platform with a round end (similar to platforms seen around the Broken Shore/Legion invasions). I recommend facing the rounded end, keeping your back to the direction from which you enter. This allows you to see the fel barrage coming, because it starts at the rounded end and makes its way all the way down one side of the platform. This attack is easy to avoid as long as you keep an eye out for it and move to the safe half of the platform when the attack begins/approaches.

Комментарий от Blaksoull

I’ve been farming the mobs 1hour and I havent looted anything of the portal, and a lock who entered in my group got the three items in 2 min, what am I missing?

Комментарий от Boxofbeer

Командир отряда Вишакс located on a Legion ship, to get there you have to pass through the portal.
To open the portal you have to collect
Разбитый генератор портала
from Бессмертный демон Пустотыs.
As you carry generator, you can collect Токопроводящий кожух, Дуговая схема and Энергетическая ячейка from Эредарский военный инженер or Скверноподданный-мирмидон.
All those mobs can be found across Terminus docks.

When you got all these item, combine them to get Командир на палубе!.
Travel to 77.4 74.9 spot, it’s south landing pad. Use the portal you found there to reach to Командир отряда Вишакс.
Fight isnt hard, just avoid artillery strikes from another legion ship.

/way Antoran wastes 77.4 74.9 Portal to Squadron Commander Vishax

Командир отряда Вишакс — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvMY4xpPBSE

Комментарий от ShammerKaz

Guys if you can not loot any of the parts dropped by the Felsword Myrmidon or Eredar War-Mind, you have to loot Smashed Portal Generator from Immortal Netherwalkers first. Only after looting this item you can start obtaining Conductive Sheath, Arc Circuit & Power Cell.

Комментарий от jonathan4012

Got the other 3 items within 5 min after having Разбитый генератор портала drop for me. Spent 30 min farming before that. So maybe we have to get Разбитый генератор портала before the others can drop. Or it could just be complete RNG that made this happen to me.

Комментарий от vlaka

What hasn’t been mentioned is that once you complete the quest and use his portal you can use the portal again once a day to kill him all over again for loots

Комментарий от ammonite

For players that, like me, plan to farm the mounts and other collectibles daily, I have compiled a set of macros with the tom-tom waypoints for rares that drop mounts. I used previous comments by others, especially Boxofbeer, as well as Wowhead maps to compile the coordinates.

/way Mac’aree 55.7 59.9 Wrangler Kravos
/way Antoran wastes 61.7 37.2 Blistermaw
/way Antoran wastes 63.1 25.2 Entrance: Houndmaster Kerrax
/way Antoran wastes 65.5 26.7 Puscilla
/way Mac’aree 49.7 9.9 Skreeg the Devourer
/way Mac’aree 33.7 47.5 Venomtail Skyfin

For the rares that drop eggs which may hatch into mounts, companions, or junk:

/way Antoran wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga
/way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua
/way Mac’aree 44.2 49.8 Sabuul

For rares that drop companion pets:

/way Antoran wastes 65.5 26.6 Mother Rosula Entrance
/way Antoran wastes 50.4 56.1 Urzul Bone
/way Antoran wastes 65.6 26.3 Imp Bone
/way Antoran wastes 52.4 35.3 Fiend Bone
/way Antoran wastes 54.7 39.1 ManyFaced Devourer
/way Mac’aree 30.3 40.4 Ataxon

For rares that drop toys:

/way Mac’aree 43.8 60.2 Crazed Baruut
/way Antoran Wastes 58.6 12 Doomcaster Suprax
/way Mac’aree 61.4 50.2 Instructor Tarahna (3 colors)
/way Antoran wastes 65 82.6 Rezira the Seer
/way Krokuun 52.8 31 Sister Subversia

/way Antoran wastes 77.4 74.9 Portal to Vishax
/way Antoran wastes 61.9 64.3 Wrath-Lord Yarez

Note that not all rares seem to spawn each day. If you discover something that is missing or incorrect, please let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it.

EDIT: After the release of Mac’aree, it seems that a couple changes were made. Puscilla also drops a mount (Biletooth Gnasher) and Kaara the Pale does NOT seem to drop the fel-spotted egg any longer. The macros have been updated to reflect these changes. Many thanks to the people who pointed these errors out to me!

Комментарий от ingen2

As of now, if you use something that gets you extremely high up into the air, such as Падающее пламя or possibly Метеорит Скверны (
, might work if close, such as from Terminus, the nearby ship) you can Reach Squadron Commander Vishax’ ship without having to do his quest!

Комментарий от Somarz29

A way to farm this guy with all your alts on the same realm without having to do the quest to activate the portal is by parking your character that has done the quest by the portal, activating it and logging out. The portal will stay up after you have logged out and your alts can click on it without having done the quest; You can solo him with the Lightforged Warframe.

Комментарий от taladraco

You can actually hitch a ride through someone else’s portal for this. You just have to be there when they open it. Something to keep in mind if you’re not having any luck farming the portal generator pieces, like me.

Комментарий от Ainyan

When farming the pieces from the lesser demons, I found they did NOT drop when the demons were elites. However, during certain world quests, the demons become normal mobs, and they dropped the pieces as soon as I killed them. If you’re having trouble farming the pieces for the portal generator, wait until the mobs are no longer elite.

Комментарий от oozie

you can solo it easily with the lightforged warframe 🙂

Комментарий от Nekrotik

In spite of having previously killed Netherwalkers, War-Minds and Myrmidons while doing world quests, I never saw any of the four items used to repair the Vishax portal generator until I summoned and killed Mother Rosula. Immediately the next half dozen or so NPCs I killed in the Terminus area dropped all four of them. Coincidence? No idea, I’m just reporting the facts.

Комментарий от Calnex

For the Smashed Portal Generator, I farmed the Immortal Netherwalkers for about an hour with no luck. This was when the daily that involved killing them was active. For some reason, when this daily is active it spawns a version of the mob with 15 mil health.

The next day when the daily had ended, I came back to the version of the mob with 30 mil health. I got the Smashed Portal Generator on my very first kill.

It could be just a coincidence, but there are definitely two different versions of the mob. The droprate could be higher on the bigger one.

Комментарий от Hearte

An interesting note for me at least: I was with someone when they acquired the quest «Commander on Deck!» after they assembled the pieces, so they shared the quest for me. I completed the quest, but I am unable to open the portal. The quest is flagged as completed for me when I check it with a script. I am wondering if it is now bugged out for me, unless there is a trick to opening the portal that I am unaware of. Beware if you want to share this quest with others in your group.

Комментарий от Lilyoptra

Anyone else not able to see/use the portal? I’ve tried it on toons that still have the quest as well as those that have completed it. None can see it. Shared the quest with a guildie and he couldn’t see it either. Very frustrating for how hard it is to get up there past all the mobs

Interesting observation: I got the quest via a share rather than collecting the parts as did all my other toons. The person I got the quest from actually had the parts. HE can see the portal. Wondering if Blizz missed something in the coding.

Комментарий от SciofSoA

Don’t want to farm the portal parts multiple times but want to run multiple alts? Farm it once then park the toon you unlocked it on by the portal (it can summon the portal multiple times a day). Get an alt to the portal, hop to the toon with it unlocked, activate the portal then switch back to the alt without the portal. Repeat as many times as you want/have alts on that server.

Комментарий от Pixiwix

The «portal» doesn’t actually exist initially. It’s located at 77.4, 74.9 (TomTom) but it’s easy to miss since it just looks like a pile of rocks where a portal should be. Mousing over this area brings up the gear wheel/option to build the portal.

Also, I regularly run around killing 112 rare elites, but I really struggled with this fight and am sort of dumbfounded at how many people claim this fight is «cake.» He has 200+million HP and as a marksman hunter who has to stand still for my most powerful shots, his artillery shot and smash moves were a serious pain. Three wipes and a metric ton of persistence did the trick.

Комментарий от Martika

Something literally no one has answered in their comments — can you get the parts to drop and open the portal when the quest for him isn’t up?


Командир Эндаксий — NPC — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Kiyoine

I just had this mob despawn while fighting him for no apparent reason. I pulled him on my own, the fight was recorded as 1 minute 51 seconds, I got him to about 47%. Was playing it safe and staying out of melee range for his frontal cone slashes, so MAYBE he reached the end of his leash — but I pulled him less than 20 yards at most. It’s been three minutes since he vanished and he has not respawned.
Cool beans — thanks for this good new content Blizz! 🙂

Комментарий от Magnognomus

1st week of 7.3 patch.

At the moment the following rares available (if I left something out please add it in a comment and I will update the list!)

Tomtom + Paste addon recommended.

Krokuun Rares

/way Krokuun 45.3 58.7 Commander Endaxis
/way Krokuun 33.6 75.4 Commander Sathrenael
/way Krokuun 42.0 57.1 Commander Vecaya Path Up
/way Krokuun 42.3 69.8 Imp Mother Laglath
/way Krokuun 50.8 17.8 Khazaduum Entrance
/way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua
/way Krokuun 58.0 74.8 Siegemaster Voraan
/way Krokuun 52.8 30.9 Sister Subversia
/way Krokuun 54.8 81.3 Talestra the Vile
/way Krokuun 70.1 81.2 Tar Spitter
/way Krokuun 69.2 59.4 Tereck the Selector
/way Krokuun 60.8 20.8 Vagath the Betrayed

Antoran Wastes Rares

/way Antoran Wastes 73.5 72.0 Admiral Rel’var
/way Antoran Wastes 74.9 57.0 All-Seer Xanarian
/way Antoran Wastes 61.7 36.9 Blistermaw
/way Antoran Wastes 61.4 21.0 Chief Alchemist Munculus
/way Antoran Wastes 80.5 62.8 Commander Texlaz Portal
/way Antoran Wastes 55.7 45.9 Gar’zoth
/way Antoran Wastes 63.1 25.2 Houndmaster Kerrax Entrance
/way Antoran Wastes 61.1 45.7 Inquisitor Vethroz Path Start
/way Antoran Wastes 62.3 53.5 Lieutenant Xakaar
/way Antoran Wastes 57.4 32.9 Mistress Il’thendra Inside Building
/way Antoran Wastes 65.6 26.6 Mother Rosula (Same as Puscilla)
/way Antoran Wastes 65.6 26.6 Puscilla Cave Entrance
/way Antoran Wastes 54.7 39.1 The Many-Faced Devourer Spot to Summon
/way Antoran Wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga Cave Entrance
/way Antoran Wastes 66.0 54.1 Ven’orn Cave Entrance
/way Antoran Wastes 55.7 21.9 Void Warden Valsuran
/way Antoran Wastes 52.9 36.2 Vrax’thul
/way Antoran Wastes 52.9 29.4 Watcher Aival
/way Antoran Wastes 50.9 55.3 Worldsplitter Skuul
/way Antoran Wastes 61.4 65.1 Wrath-Lord Yarez

You have to summon Mother Rosula and
The Many-Faced Devourer. Please read up on them first.


Командир Гаул — NPC — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Fleas2000

Got over 400 kills so far and still didnt get that epic parrot yet. Is anyone can confirm that this parrot drops of this guy?

Комментарий от Isshin

Re spawn Timer seems to be 1 min.

EDIT: 1 min 30 sec.

Комментарий от incognito93

This NPC has fast respawn time — 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Комментарий от Macdo

Ok, the drop rate of this NPC for the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) is false.

He was rate at ~1% yesterday, now 0.7%. After killing him around 750times in 2 days I got nothing. Maybe I’m extremely unlucky but I think the real drop rate turn around 0.2%

Комментарий от Cattivoh

I’ve been farming him for the last 2 days and still no parrot =) but i won’t give up!

Edit: i’ve reached 900 kills with no drop, now either i am extremely unlucky or the current drop rate is wrong ç_ç

Комментарий от baxter111

idk what the deal is with you all… but.. i got it on the 15th try. rofl

Комментарий от Lazurianis

The Drop Rate of the Parrot is .1%
So killing him atleast 1,000 Times Makes it a 100% that it will drop either that or your extremely unlucky. 😛

Good luck and happy Hycanith Macaw hunting. 🙂

Комментарий от LeechNL

it is 1 min respawn time, i recorded it with the in-game stopwatch. 😀

Комментарий от Zeugiel

Where the hell is he? All the bodies in the cave are dead and mangled by a feline.

Комментарий от 866741

He has a dog house there with him, but no dog. I wonder why.

Комментарий от IMissThottbot

Exact Location

The cave is fairly linear, but it does branch off. Gaulus is NOT at the end—there are three chiefs. The first, Anders, is in a cave in an alcove just to the left as you enter. The third, Esquivel I think, is at the end.

When you’re following the cave route, you will (a little ways in) come to a very steep ramp curving around to your left. Don’t go straight—take the sharp left, downward turn. Gaulus is in a room at the end of this path.

Комментарий от WheresMyTurtle

farm pet for 10 days no drop?,friend gets from satchel 2nd try then laughs at you for not having it O.0 (insert rage here)

Комментарий от shadoweye404

he storm striked my ironman char for 519(about half of my hp) and so i died…
looks like another spell wasnt squished
makes me wonder how many blizzard failed to squish and where is the next 1shotting npc
but then again i cant feel bad about this when i know some1 died at level 96 and this was just me not waiting for shadowmeld cd


Командир авиакрыла — Posmotre.li

Командир авиакрыла (англ. Wing Commander) — командир авиационного подразделения, состоящего из двух и более эскадрилий, то есть по-русски — авиаполка, по-немецки — гешвадера, по-итальянски — стаи. Обычно подполковник или полковник.

Если речь идет о палубной авиации, неважно, реальной или космической, то авиакрылом называется всё, базирующееся на авианосце. В этом случае командир авиакрыла — самый главный лётчик на авианосце.

Командир авиакрыла является наиболее высокопоставленным офицером, лично участвующим в бою, поэтому олицетворяет собой наиболее вышестоящего отца-командира и одновременно является прокладкой между боевыми и штабными офицерами из вышестоящего командования. Ну, или как получится.

В Великобритании и некоторых странах, ранее от нее зависимых, подполковник авиации так и называется — Wing Commander. Правда, со времен Второй мировой войны уинг-коммандеры в основном являются командирами эскадрилий.


  • Книжная серия X-Wing по вселенной Star Wars. Основную часть времени должность лидера Разбойной Эскадрильи занимает легендарный пилот Ведж Антиллес, единственный пилот галактики, на борту истребителя которого аж две звездочки. Имеются в виду «Звёздочки Смерти». И много всего прочего помимо них.
  • Зорич, Вселенная Великорасы. Командиры авиакрыльев тяжелых (АВТ) и легких(АВЛ) авианосцев, а также отдельных крепостных и планетарных авиасоединений.
  • В Хонорверсе должность переводится на русский как КоЛАК — Командир Лёгких Атакующих Кораблей. Всё то же, только масштаб побольше: каждый ЛАК — корабль на восемь персончленов экипажа. Тем не менее, на кораблях-носителях ЛАК присутствуют два офицера в равном звании — командир корабля и командир авиакрыла.


  • Battlestar Galactica: там это называется «командир авиагруппы», он же КАГ. В разное время эту должность занимают Ли Адама «Аполло», Кара Трейс «Старбек» и другие пилоты.



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